Differences Between Anime and Live Action from the “Erased” Series

Erased or also known as Boku dake ga Inai Machi is a popular manga series by Kei Sanbe. This series tells the story of Fujinuma Satori, a grown man who suddenly returns to his childhood, where he must uncover a serial killer case in order to save his mother and friend.

In 2016, the series was adapted into anime and live action. Although both basically have the same storyline, there are some quite prominent differences in the anime and live action Erased .


How Satoru was suspected of being his mother’s killer

The death of Satoru’s mother was the beginning where things turned complicated. Not only having to lose his mother, even Satoru is also suspected of being his mother’s killer. When he escapes from the police, that’s where Satoru is suddenly thrown into 1988, where he is still 11 years old.

There is a small difference between anime and live action when Satoru is suspected of murdering his mother. In the anime, after Satoru was surprised to see his mother lying on the floor with blood splattered around her, Satoru’s neighbor coincidentally entered the apartment and saw Satoru’s hands covered in blood. Panicked, Satoru’s neighbors immediately contacted the police and reported that Satoru had killed his own mother.

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Meanwhile, during the live action, Satoru tries to catch up to the culprit, after he sees his mother’s death. But instead of catching the culprit, Satoru met the police. Because his hands were covered in blood, Satoru decided to run away so he had to be chased by the police.


The friend who helped Satoru to save Kayo

As a child, Satoru had a group consisting of Satoru, Kenya, Hiromi, and Osamu. Although they are a very compact group, their cohesiveness is not shown in the live action Erased.

In the anime, all members of the group are involved in helping Satoru in rescuing Kayo and other murder victims. However, in the live action, Kenya is the only person closest to Satoru who helps him on Kayo’s rescue mission.

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Custody of Kayo

When Satoru decides to kidnap Kayo, Satoru not only saves Kayo from his parents, but he also manages to save Kayo from the serial killer who has been after Kayo.

After Satoru kidnaps Kayo, Yashiro reports the actions of Kayo’s parents so that the Child Protection Commission takes over custody of Kayo. In the anime, Kayo was then raised by his grandmother. Meanwhile, Kayo’s grandmother is not featured in the live action, so no one knows where Kayo grew up after the incident.


Satoru and Yashiro’s final battle

Even though Yashiro had tried to kill Satoru, Yashiro was still not caught by the police. After Satoru was in a coma for a dozen years, Satoru finally reunited with Yashiro.

In a conversation between Satoru and Yashiro on the roof of the building, Satoru reveals that Yashiro really needs Satoru. For Yashiro, Satoru is his inspiration. Therefore, Satoru took advantage of this to trap Yashiro.

In the anime, Satoru pretended to commit suicide, to get Yashiro arrested on charges of attempted murder. While in the live action, Yashiro was arrested by the police after he stabbed Satoru with a knife.

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