Heavy Drunk Female Characters in Anime, Don’t Be Imitated!

Drunk is one of the actions that should not be done and is strictly prohibited because it can damage health both mentally and physically. Even though it has a very dangerous impact, not infrequently humans try to do it and actually feel comfortable so that it becomes something normal for him.

Just like in the real world, in anime there are heavy drunken characters who are not to be imitated. Not only male characters, some female characters in the anime world are also known as heavy drunks.

Karura is one of the characters who are reliable in using the sword. The reason is, he has a sword that is quite large and has been the target of others. Behind all his prowess, Karura is also known as one of the heavy drunken characters who can’t be separated from alcohol.

In several scenes it shows that Karura is very easy going and enthusiastic about accepting drunken invitations from his friends.

This one character cannot be underestimated and is quite dangerous, you know. The reason is, Revy is a very reliable figure in using weapons, especially pistols. Behind his greatness, he is also an extraordinary drunkard.

This bad habit is seen when Revy often hangs out at the bar with his friends. Unmitigated, he was even able to finish a large bottle of alcohol. In addition, he also has a very rude personality and often uses foul language when speaking.

Mayumi’s figure is in the spotlight of other characters thanks to her beautiful and charming face. These advantages have not been able to cover their shortcomings which are difficult to socialize, especially with women. Besides, he is a shop owner at Kawai Complex.

In addition, Mayumi is a woman who is addicted to liquor. He is often drunk while watching horror films. However, the habit in his life he really enjoyed and was grateful for.

Kozue is one of the characters who are famous for being cheerful and happy. Behind her life that seems like there is no burden, she is actually a girl who is often depressed so that she often takes it out by drinking alcohol.

Getting drunk is normal for him. In fact, it was so bad that he was found unconscious outside a restaurant and often caused a commotion after he got drunk.

Tsunade is a Hokage as well as the grandson of the first Hokage, Hashirama. Despite having the highest position in Konoha Village, it is undeniable that this woman is a drunken figure who is no less violent than Jiraiya. In addition, he has also had a passion for gambling since he was young.

In fact, Jiraiya once revealed that Tsunade often fell asleep after experiencing a heavy hangover. Really a heavy drunken female figure, huh?

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