Important Characters That Just Disappeared in Anime

In an anime that takes place over a long period of time, the anime won’t always focus on just one character, as this will make the series look boring. Therefore, it is not surprising that some supporting characters who are not very influential just disappear for no apparent reason.

Yamato (Naruto)
Yamato first appeared at the beginning of Shippuden and came to replace Kakashi as the leader of Team 7. Although Yamato had a fairly large role at the beginning of Shippuden , his presence faded as time went on.

Up until Boruto , Yamato was almost never shown, while most of the other main Naruto characters were still featured in Boruto . This is very unfortunate considering Yamato is one of the best ninja in Konoha.

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Launch (Dragon Ball)
Given how the Dragon Ball series has developed, it’s no surprise that many of the characters in this series are simply forgotten, and one of them is Launch. Launch is one of the villains that appears in Dragon Ball and is known to have two personalities.

Although Lauch often appear in the series Dragon Ball, but she almost never shown or discussed in a Dragon Ball Z . Launch was last seen in Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! . The creator of Dragon Ball , Akira Toriyama, admitted that he had completely forgotten about Launch since Piccolo’s defeat.

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Bleach)
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, also known as Nel Tu, is an Arrancar and former Tres Espada. Because of her appearance and personality, Nel is one of the most liked characters in this series.

But, sadly, Nel is no longer shown after the fight between Kenpachi and Nnoitra. Nel’s disappearance in the series has no apparent reason, so fans suspect that Nel is dead. However, his presence in the novel Bleach: Letters from The Other Side proves that he is still alive. What do you think?

Gentle Criminal and La Brava (My Hero Academia)
Gentle Criminal and La Brava are shown as the main antagonists in the Yuei School Festival arc , at the end of the fourth season. Gentle Criminal and La Brava are quite popular with fans, because they’re not really evil.

Gentle Criminal and La Brava only commit petty crimes to attract attention. It’s clear that both of them have the soul of a hero, so many fans are hopeful that Gentle Criminal and La Brava will join the Hero Association in the future.

Unfortunately, after being defeated by Deku, Gentle Criminal and La Brava are now imprisoned for trying to attack Yuei. Given his current state, it was highly unlikely that these two characters would join the Hero Association.

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Ebisu (Naruto)
In the Chnin Exams arc, when Naruto will face Neji, Ebisu appears to replace Kakashi as Naruto’s trainer. However, just as Ebisu started his training, his position was immediately replaced by Jiraiya.

Since then, Ebisu has hardly been shown again in the series. Even in Boruto , Ebisu still disappears for no apparent reason.

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