Most feared, here are 8 facts about Satoru Gojo, really strong!

Satoru Gojo is one of the characters in the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” . His presence attracted attention from the start. The reason is, he has extraordinary strength that cannot be underestimated. In fact, the teacher from the Jujutsu school is the strongest Jujutsu magician and is the most feared character.

Satoro Gojo Facts
So strong, this man with an eccentric style is often juxtaposed with Goku, who is one of the strongest characters in the world of anime. So what are the facts of this humorous and dissident teacher? following the review.

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The strongest character to date

Since its appearance, Saturu Gojo has been shown as a character with strength that is difficult to match. In fact, he easily defeated Sukuna at the beginning of the episode, but of course his strength at that time was not full. This one character continues to be shown how much strength he has. This is evidenced by the curse which makes him someone who is very difficult to beat. In several episodes it also appears that the strengths are not kidding.

Have intelligence and speed

The strength that he has is increasingly prominent because of the other talents in him. Talking about intelligence and strength is important when fighting curses. And it has these two important things. He can read the opponent’s attacks so that it is easier to fight and excel. Plus the incredible speed he has is very helpful in dealing with curses who mostly have fast movements when fighting.

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Because of the fast movements shown, making the enemy so overwhelmed. He is easy to move than superhuman.

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Has a big curse

This magician has so many advantages that he has the nickname as the strongest. One more advantage he has is a great curse ability. So strong and skilled, Satoru Gojo was able to combine negative and positive energies together. He is even the only magician who can control these two energies.

Have Limitless techniques

The strength of this one is obtained from the legacy of the Gojo family, aka from generation to generation. The strength of this one is closely related to space. So that it is possible to manipulate space very precisely. However, the details of these strengths have not been explained in too much detail.

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Incredible Infinity Ability

Gojo also has the power of infinity where it can slow down various things. With this power makes it easier to defeat the evil curses and make him the most feared figure. It can be said that the power it has is over power.

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Have the Six Eyes

Gojo is the only magician who has the power of the six eyes. However, it is not certain how this power will be displayed and how strong the impact will be for the enemy.

Concerned with the next generation

Unlike the elders who seem conservative, Saturo Gojo really cares about successors. He even really cares for his students. Not infrequently training quite extreme but also very well protected. There are some children who he thinks have the potential to become great magicians like himself. Gojo believes that itadori is one of them!

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Have a unique personality

Even though he is dubbed the strongest character, he is not always serious. His behavior invited laughter. Already strong and humorous, how can this one character be disliked if he has a perfect character. Even Shonen Jump announced that Satoru is one of the three most popular characters in the poll conducted by fans.

Those are some interesting facts about Satoru Gojo, is he one of your favorite characters?

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The 4 funniest characters in the anime Jujutsu Kaisen

Although Jujutsu Kaisen is known as a series filled with thrilling action scenes supported by epic animations, this series is also filled with ridiculous characters.

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Even though they are very serious when fighting, but their manner in daily life can make anyone in the audience laugh out loud. Starting from Gojo Satoru to Nobara Kusigaki, here are the five funniest characters in the anime Jujutsu Kaisen. Check out the following reviews.
1. Gojo Satoru
Gojo Satoru is known as the strongest character ever in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe . In this series, Gojo acts as a teacher for Yuji, Nobara, and Megumi. Having great strength does not make Gojo an arrogant and jaim character.

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On the other hand, his sense of confidence in his strength makes Gojo a funny character. Although becoming a Jujutsu magician was not an easy job, Gojo seemed to be an individual who never took things seriously.
2. Todo Aoi
Everyone who has just met Todo will probably think that Todo is a strange person. How not, Todo always asked “What kind of woman do you like?” towards all the people he just met. When Todo finds the answer he is looking for, Todo will immediately assume that this person is his best friend, just like what happened to Yuji.

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Apart from his exaggerated relationship with Yuji, another thing that makes Todo a funny character is his obsession with his favorite idol . For Todo, nothing is more important than attending a meeting with his favorite idol .
3. Panda
Although Panda is a form of the Curse, but as a panda, Panda is still a cute and adorable animal. Plus, Panda is a friendly and kind person who wants to be friends with anyone. This trait made him very liked by everyone.

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Panda also has a cute fighting style. His way of running after the enemy, hitting his enemy, to slamming his enemy with his big body makes the hearts of anyone watching him happy. As the cutest animal ever to appear in this series, Panda is already considered the mascot of Jujutsu Kaisen .
4. Yuji Itadori
Yuji Itadori is the main character in this series. Yuji is known as a fun person and can hang out with anyone. Throughout his journey to become a Jujutsu magician, Yuji has built close bonds with many people, especially Todo.
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