A series of facts accompanying EVOS Legends’ steps to win MPL Season 7: the relationship of Los Galacticos

EVOS Legends won the MPL Season 7. Many important moments accompany the steps of Luminaire et al. to become king in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang competition, the most elite in Indonesia.

The title was confirmed after the grand final on Sunday (2/5/2021) at the Ibis Hotel, Jakarta, EVOS Legends defeated a team full of surprises, Bigetron Alpha. In the best of 7 formats, the Macan Putih team ended the alien robot’s tough fight with a score of 4-2.

EVOS Legends has been predicted to come out as champions after jor-fishing before the tournament begins. Besides Luminaire’s return, they also recruited Anti mage from ONIC Esports and LJ from RRQ Hoshi so that they were nicknamed Los Galacticos.

Even so, EVOS Legends stumbled in the first two weeks of the MPL Season 7 regular season phase. Two defeats were won and only won one win. Predictions for champions also faded away.

The team management then promoted Ferxiic, a player who became a star of MDL (the prestigious Mobile Legends competition one level below MPL). EVOS Legends reaped sweet results afterward and is stable at the top of the standings.

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Until the end of the regular MPL Season 7 phase, EVOS Legends showed its consistency and passed to the play-off phase with ONIC Esports Si Landak Kuning. So, what facts have accompanied the success of Darkness et al.?

Escape from Bigetron’s Shadow

EVOS Legends’ victory over Bigetron Alpha in the grand final round of MPL Season 7 has more meaning. Yes, these results are very sweet because they never won in the regular phase before.

Three times EVOS Legends fell from Bigetron Alpha, including during the play-off phase. But they were able to reply to it in the final of MPL Season 7.






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