After completing military service, Jang Geun-suk is reported to be playing a new drama

Actor Jang Geun-suk is reviewing ‘Unexpected Country Diary’ as his first drama after being discharged from the military

The Korean actor and singer known as Jang Geun-suk recently completed his military service in May 2020.

There is no specific event to welcome the actor’s arrival. This was decided based on the Covid-19 pandemic that has not yet recovered and following government rules to discipline to keep a distance so as not to create crowds.

Jung Geun-suk himself revealed the positive impact he felt after serving in the military for about two years. This is related to the mental disorder Bipolar Disorder, which he has been suffering from since 2011 and has now improved. He claimed to feel calmer after carrying out his military service well.

Jung Geun-suk’s Bipolar Disorder has made him absent from the drama world for some time. Even so, Jung Geun-suk doesn’t want to worry his fans, so he never expresses his difficulties in public.

Happy news came for him after completing his obligations as a South Korean citizen. The actor is rumored to have a project in his latest drama. The new drama that was offered to the actor came from Kakao TV with the title ‘Unexpected Country Diary’.

This has been confirmed directly by the AG Corporation Agency which oversees actor Jung Geun-suk. The agency AG Corporation itself did not dismiss the news and said that Jang Geun-suk accepted the offer and to this day, the actor with many achievements is reviewing it.

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The drama with the title ‘Unexpected Country Diary’ is a storyline based on a web novel of the same title by Park Ha-min. The web novel tells the romance of a man who falls in love with a policewoman while living in the countryside.

The last drama played by Jung Geun-suk before he was enlisted in the military was ‘Switch’ which aired in 2018.

Besides ‘Switch’, there are several other dramas that Jung Geun-suk has played, including the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ which aired in 2009 with other actors such as Park Shin-hye and Lee Hong-gi.

Then there is ‘Marry Stay Out All Night’ which airs a year after ‘You’re Beautiful’, in 2010. In this drama, he plays a role with Moon Geun-yoo and Kim Jae-wook. Finally, there was the drama ‘Love Rain’ which aired in 2012. In the drama, Jung Geun-suk played a role with Im Yoon-ah, Kim Si-hoo, and other best actors.

The actor who was born on August 4, 1987 has won various awards, such as the SBS Drama Award for the Top Excellence Acting category, the Baeksang Arts Award for the Film Category: Most Popular Actor, the SBS Drama Award for the TOP 10 Star category, and the KBS Grand Prize.

In addition to playing movies, Jung Geun-suk is also known as a singer and once hosted the idol survival event ‘Produce 101’ in the first season. Of course it made Jung Geun-suk a lot of experience that made him shine even more.


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Even though he just finished his military service, which means Jung Geun-suk is on vacation from the entertainment world, the actor still greets his fans through social media. Of course, fans are delighted to have their favorite actor back from his mandatory duties.

The latest drama that will star Jung Geun-suk, ‘Unexpected Country Diary’ is his first drama after his military service. Of course it will be the next drama project after finishing his last drama in 2018.

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