After the Beyond Skyline project was completed

Liam felt that the condition of Sewu Temple was in accordance with the initial picture he wanted. That is, the story takes place in a remote and forgotten location, but not in a forest. Liam was also surprised when he first arrived at Candi Sewu. According to him, the location is very cinematic. Wherever he takes pictures, the results are great.

The shooting process at Sewu Temple was carried out for five days. Most are fight scenes. In addition, a number of scenes set in the temple were also done digitally. At Infinity Studios. In Batam.

The shooting, in fact, was done in 2014. However, because a lot of CGI (computer-generated imagery) effects are used, the finishing of this film takes a long time. And it can only be released this year.

After the Beyond Skyline project was completed, Liam O’Donnell admitted that in the future he would like to make films set in Indonesia. If he had known from the start about the beauty of Candi Sewu, perhaps, he would have included Indonesia as the setting for the story. However, at that time, the script had already been written. And set in Laos.

In working on the Beyond Skyline film, Liam admitted that he was inspired by the Alien vs. Predators: Redemption (2007). Made by The Brothers Strause. Who is also the first Skyline director. He really liked the feel of being in the forest. Therefore, the alien figure in the Beyond Skyline film he displays is similar to the Predator character. However, lighter, thinner, feminine, and cruel.

Meanwhile, Iko Uwais himself, initially, was only plotted as a supporting actor. However, Liam then increased his portion to become the main character. Side by side with Frank Grillo.

Unlike Iko, Yayan Ruhian’s role in the Beyond Skyline film is not too big. Too bad. According to Liam, Yayan’s schedule in 2014 clashed with other films. So, he couldn’t get involved any further.

However, along with Iko, Yayan is also the choreographer of the action. So, we can be sure, the fighting style presented in the Beyond Skyline film is similar to The Raid (2011). That brutal one.

Liam O’Donnell himself has been a fan of Iko and Yayan since watching The Raid. Therefore, he wanted to include elements of the martial arts martial arts that Iko and Yayan had previously mastered. To fight the aliens in this Beyond Skyline movie.

In essence, Beyond Skyline is going to be a Predator-style alien invasion film. Combined with a brutal battle scene in the style of The Raid. Which is suitable to watch for those who want fun entertainment. Like me. Those who are still waiting for chat replies. The only thing you’ve read since a week ago.
Btw, thanks to the revision process carried out by Joss Whedon earlier, the duration of this Justice League film, which was originally reported to reach 170 minutes, has also been drastically reduced: To only 119 minutes. When compared to the four previous DCEU films, namely: Man of Steel (143 minutes), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (153 minutes), Suicide Squad (137 minutes), and Wonder Woman (141 minutes), the duration of this Justice League film is is the shortest.

And, as a result, after holding a world premiere in Beijing, China (on October 26, 2017 ago), so far, Justice League has received a fairly positive response. However, will, in the end, be able to compete with or, even, beat the superhero gang next door (Avengers)? Let’s wait together.

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