At that time, film Jurassic World was a huge success

JA Bayona only welcomed Universal’s offer after the second film project had started. For one thing, because he felt he had the same vision as Colin Trevorrow. Which is the director’s predecessor.

Thanks to Bayona’s direction, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is said to be even scarier than the first film. This is supported by Bayona’s track record. Those who have experience in producing horror films. One of them, which is quite well known, is Orphanage (2007).

When interviewed, Bayona admitted that he wanted to return the fear and tension, like those that once graced the original film Jurassic Park (1993). Therefore, he was very happy to be able to add suspense and, in fact, horror to this new trilogy of Jurassic World.

According to Bayona, the second film in a trilogy is supposed to be darker than the first. He took the example of The Empire Strikes Back (1980) in the inaugural trilogy of the Star Wars franchise.

Meanwhile, when interviewed last year, as the main architect of this new project, Colin Trevorrow stated that Jurassic World was indeed planned to be a trilogy. In fact, he has asked for the blessing of Steven Spielberg, who incidentally is the creator of Jurassic Park, before carrying out his plan earlier.

In writing the screenplay, Trevorrow admitted that he was inspired a lot from the espionage film Bridge of Spies (2015). He added a lot of suspense aspects in this second film. As a result, the characters will always be surrounded by terrible terror.

In addition, even though it will continue into the third film, Trevorrow, as the scriptwriter, guarantees that the ending of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will not hang. However, he had designed the plot in such a way. So that the audience is curious to wait for the sequel in three years.

At that time, Jurassic World was a huge success. Became the second highest grossing film in 2015. Under Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Although, in terms of quality, the film was, in fact, not very good.

This time, it is not yet known how the critics responded. Because Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will only be released in America on June 22, 2018. However, from the results of a limited screening held in Madrid, Spain (on 21 May), the audience’s reception was quite good.

The film, which was released in Spain with the title Jurassic World: El Reino Caido, is considered cooler than the first film. Especially, in the visualization and music. Which, they say, is amazing. Which, in essence, will make the audience literate throughout the film.

Meanwhile, the moviemania in Indonesia are quite lucky. Because you can enjoy Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom two weeks early. Maybe, to welcome the moment of Eid. However, there are also those who say that this is a special strategy from Universal Pictures to face the 2018 World Cup.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will indeed begin in Russia on 14 June. Of course, this has the potential to divide the concentration of moviemania who are also football fans.

Therefore, Universal took a policy to release Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom two weeks early. Especially, in countries where there are many football fans. Indonesia is not the only one. In total, there are 43 countries in Asia and Europe that get this priority.

Apart from all kinds of strategies launched by Universal Studios earlier, we just wait: Will, in the end, the dinosaurs built by JA Bayona can be as great as the first film? Because the name repeats the success, usually, it is more difficult than when building it.

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