Baeksang Arts Awards 2021: Song Joong Ki’s Appearance Made Journalists Fail To Move On ‘Vincenzo’

Song Joong Ki Was Nominated For Best Actor Against Kim Soo Hyun ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’, Shin Ha Kyun ‘Beyond Evil’, Uhm Ki Joon ‘Penthouse’ To Lee Jun Ki ‘Flower Of Evil’.

Baeksang Arts Awards 2021 takes place on Thursday (13/5), tonight. This prestigious award event gives appreciation to South Korean television and cinema people. Not only actors, but the crew behind the scenes also won awards.

The Baeksang Arts Awards 2021 was also attended by a number of South Korean top actors and actresses. One of the attendees was Song Joong Ki . The actor who was born in 1985 was nominated for the Best Actor TV category.

Song Joong Ki came to the 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards wearing a white suit and black pants. Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband completed his handsome appearance by wearing a bow tie.

Song Joong Ki’s visual immediately succeeded in making South Korean journalists fail to move on from the drama “Vincenzo”. The journalists were compact in writing an article title that connected Song Joong Ki with his death character.

Baeksang Arts Awards 2021: Song Joong Ki's Appearance Made Korean Journalists Failed to Move On \ 'Vincenzo \'

The titles of Song Joong Ki’s articles start from, “Song Joong Ki, recent mafia style”, “Song Joong Ki, All-Kill Attendance”, “Song Joong Ki, Vincenzo’s Presence in Baeksang”, “Song Joong Ki , Very cool appearance “and many more.

Seeing the title of this article, Indonesian fans of course immediately agreed that Song Joong Ki really exuded Vincenzo’s aura on the red carpet at the Baeksang Arts Awards 2021. ” But his aura still feels vincenzo, especially with his hair style like that ,” said a netizen.

” Not Song Joongki but Vincent Cassano, this is oppa’s hairstyle similar to the handsome vincenzo beut drama ,” continued another. ” This is really Vincenzo, you can’t forget it, I hope you win, oppa corn salad , Nestheyo ,” concluded the other netizens.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki was nominated for Best Actor against Kim Soo Hyun ” It’s Okay to Not Be Okay “, Shin Ha Kyun ” Beyond Evil “, For those who are curious about who the winner is, stay tuned for the latest information here.

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