Best Instant Kill Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2

With Guilty Gear Strive eliminating Instant Kill, here’s a gorgeous finisher look from the previous game as a reminder of what was meant to be.

While Guilty Gear Strive is gaining a lot of traction in the fighting game community and receiving praise for its roster, it lacks one major staple of the series: Instant Kill. Performed after triggering his status in the Tension Gauge, Instant Kill is a character’s ultimate attack that will immediately end the match regardless of how much health the opponent has left if they block. They were likely removed due to Strive’s emphasis on competitive play, as Instant Kills are rarely used in tournaments or ranked matches because of how risky they are to do so.

It’s a shame, though, that Strive doesn’t have these flashy and redundant finishing moves, as they give the game so much character that it sets them apart from other fighting games. Arc System Works has always excelled at sprite animation and making everything look as anime-like as possible, which is clear from Strive’s predecessor, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2.

Gamma Ray Emotional Dizzy

An innocent and pacifist character, Dizzy is a half-human hybrid whose Gear and wing-guard properties of Necro and Undine make him one of the most powerful characters in the setting. However, her gentle and motherly nature prevents her from using her powers to the fullest, leaving Necro and Undine to do most of the fighting. According to this, his “Instant Kill” doesn’t kill the opponent; instead, Necro fires a powerful burst of gamma rays, only for Dizzy to overcome it and miss. Opponents saw the sheer nuclear devastation created by the gamma-ray burst, playfully turned their heads to the screen in shock, and immediately surrendered.

Jack-O’ Valentine Wants To Get Out

Halloween-themed Jack-O’ Valentine has a childish nature and an obsession with candy. However, this energetic and cute demeanor belies his cold, no-nonsense personality, backed by shocking strength and an army of pumpkin familiars. Jack-O’s Instant Kill reflects this perfectly, with his opponent strapped to the ground as they watch Jack-O get bounced through the air by soldiers. He is launched through Earth’s atmosphere and viciously fires a dropkick at his opponent, creating a massive explosion that can be seen from space.

Garou Tensei From Baiken

As an expert swordsman, Baiken’s attacks are quick and precise while still causing a large amount of damage to the opponent, making him walk out of the room as if he were in an Akira Kurosawa movie. For his ultra-stylish and elegant Instant Kill, the camera zooms in on Baiken and his opponent, past the jumping koi fish before the door is stained with the opponent’s blood and the entire house is torn in half. Baiken is illustrated moving so fast that players can’t even see him make a punch.

Answer Caller: Basilisk

A very intelligent assistant to Chip Zanuff, Answer is described as a “Business Ninja” and possesses a wide variety of special attacks and techniques that look like they came out of Naruto. Answer’s Instant Kill is one of the flashiest and most cinematic finishes the game has to offer, starting with using his blood to paint summoning marks. Emerging from the circle is a giant basilisk, which Answer rides on as it throws opponents into the air and eats them in one bite. This Instant Kill is quite striking considering how cruel it is for such a stoic and well-spoken character.

Faust: “This…Me?”

Despite having the appearance and aura of a mad doctor from a slasher movie, Faust is a kind-hearted person. Described as having lost his sanity before regaining it, Faust maintains a bloodthirsty line in battle, getting very excited at the prospect of “operating” on someone. His Instant Kill is as overbearingly subversive as he is, opening with Faust looking up at the opponent lying on the operating table.

Surrounded by a nebulous orchestra playing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” Faust artfully demonstrates his plastic surgeon’s skills like a musical composer when the opponent takes an extreme turn. In this case, “Instant Kill” may not refer to what happens to the opponent, but rather to what will happen to the player when the operation is complete.

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