Billie Eilish’s style transformation, used to be called a devil worshiper, is now a sexy blonde

There is something different from the appearance of Billie Eilish in the UK edition of Vogue magazine in June 2021. Usually appearing closed, this 19-year-old woman poses sexy in her open clothes.
Billie Eilish’s appearance in Vogue surprised many fans considering that the singer of ‘Bad Guy’ rarely dressed sexy in public.

So far, clothes that are all baggy are his flagship uniform. “I have to wear loose clothes so you don’t bother with my breasts,” emphasized Billie Eilish in an interview with Elle magazine in 2019.

Not only loose, the Grammy-winning singer’s fashion style is also quirky, combining eclectic and gothic nuances. Because of the eccentricity, the assumption that Billie is a devil worshiper because the video clip for ‘Bury a Friend’ is getting stronger.

Here’s Billie Eilish’s stylistic transformation :

1. Since its appearance in 2017, Billie Eilish has carried a fairly anti-mainstream music genre, namely electropop which tends to have dark nuances. The music is further emphasized by Billie’s favorite dark appearance.

2. Not infrequently, Billie Eilish’s appearance is often in the spotlight because of its unique. Once upon a time, he appeared in colorful closed-off clothes, complete with matching masks, bearing the Louis Vuitton logo.

3. On stage, Billie Eilish prefers to dress super-casual. Often he appears only in a baggy T-shirt, shorts and a beanie hat.

4. Increasingly famous, Billie Eilish received endorsement from well-known fashion labels and fashion houses. Of course, adapted to the character of the singer ‘When the Party’s Over’. Like the Chanel suit Billie wore while attending the 2020 Academy Awards.

5. This is a portrait of Billie Eilish in the latest issue of British Vogue magazine that catches the eye. Billie Eilish said, looking sexy for British Vogue is an idea of ​​her own. “I’ve never done it (look sexy) in this world. You know, other than when I’m at home,” he said as quoted by Today.

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