BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Visual At A New Event Makes Speechless So Beautiful

Jisoo Participated In The E-Sports Game KartRider Rush + Competition. For The May 9 Episode, The 1995-Born Idol Appeared Calm Wearing Red And Black Clothes.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo ( Black Pink ) appeared on the new episode of “KARTLYMPIC”. Her successful visuals left everyone stunned to the point where they couldn’t say anything else.

In this event, Jisoo participated in the e-sports game KartRider Rush + competition. For the May 9 episode, the 1995-born idol appeared calm wearing red and black clothes.

Netizens question how Jisoo is getting more and more beautiful every day. Especially for this event, the visual surprised many netizens.

She is very beautiful, commented netizens. She’s always been beautiful but she’s even prettier today, added another netizen. I wonder how Jisoo feels, said another.

Jisoo is undeniably one of the most beautiful idols today. The visuals never fail to wow people.

Meanwhile, Jisoo will be greeting fans as the lead of JTBC’s new drama ” Snowdrop “. He will compete acting with several top artists such as Jung Hae In, Kim Hye Yoon, Jang Seung Jo, Yoo In Na, and Yoon Se Ah.

female dormitory covered in blood.

Jisoo plays Young Cho, a cheerful and playful student who hides her and takes care of her wounds even when she faces dangers under close surveillance.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is Still Wearing A Wedding Ring, A Birthday Gift From A Special Figure

Jisoo Seems To Appreciate Giving People Especially If It’s From A Special Person. Recently, He Showed Off That He Was Still Wearing A Birthday Gift From Last Year.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo ( Black Pink ) seems to appreciate people’s gifts, especially if it’s from a special figure. Like recently, he showed off that he was still wearing a birthday gift from Jennie.

In a recent live broadcast, Jisoo pointed out that she is still wearing one of the birthday gifts that was given to her. It is a wedding ring from a collection of the famous jewelry brand Cartier.

Are you watching? Jendeukie, are you watching? said Jisoo while showing off her ring. Jendeukie is a nickname for Jennie.

Fans Of Sending Protest Trucks That Pay Less Attention To Jisoo BLACKPINK, Netizens Fail To Understand

Jisoo’s Fans Have Recently Sent Many Protest Trucks To The YG Entertainment Office. They Demanded The Agency Treat The Idol More Fairly In Terms Of Work.

Jisoo BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) fans sent a protest truck to the YG Entertainment office. They demanded the agency to treat the idol more fairly in terms of work.

Jisoo’s fans sent a protest truck to the YG Entertainment office and it became a #YGBeFair trend. China’s Jisoo Bar hosted the event, sending a total of 6 trucks to the agency office.

The trucks carry messages demanding fair treatment of Jisoo and reprimanding the company for failing to take responsibility for the star’s promotions. Fans have pointed out that Jisoo is not only not given a thumbnail in the official music video material, she is also constantly not being featured in social media promotions.

Jisoo also consistently had the least amount of lyrics and screen time. Fans have also asked the agency to step up in promoting Jisoo, protecting her rights with outside brands as well.

Fans also pointed out that Jisoo received less attention compared to the other members, from concert promotions to style and a lack of solo plans. So far, Jennie and Rose have released solos while Lisa is reportedly in preparation.

Fans have urged other BLINKs to email YG Entertainment to make their requests known. YG Entertainment on the other hand has not responded to the protesting truck sent by fans.

But many Korean netizens are wondering why fans have to send as many as six protest trucks even though Jisoo is currently busy filming his new drama. The 1995-born idol was also appointed as the global brand ambassador for Dior.

Jisoo played the lead in the drama, right? He did well, commented netizens. Why do they need to send six trucks of protest? Jisoo will be very embarrassed, added another netizen. There is no problem with Jisoo’s promotions so far, concluded another.

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