BTS Discusses Masculinity, Doesn’t Hesitate To Wear Skirts And Considers The ‘Manly’ Label Is Rarely Used

During An Interview With Jaeki Cho, BTS Was Asked What The Definition Of Masculinity Is For Them As They Are Known To Take That Idea And Redefine It In Their Own Way.

It’s no secret that BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) has always been outspoken and proactive in breaking conventional expectations about masculinity. During a recent interview with Jaeki Cho for Amazon Music, the group was asked what the definition of masculinity is to them as they are known to take that idea and redefine it in their own way.

RM ( Rap Monster ) started off by explaining how grateful he felt that the group was able to positively impact the topic with their fans. In particular, RM believes that we are now in a time where there is no longer a single definition for the meaning of the word masculinity.

We live in a time and age where the labels we call ‘masculine’ or ‘manly’ are somewhat disappearing. We are always happy that we can help,said the BTS leader.

Suga also agrees, explaining that it’s words and ideas that change over time. “I believe understanding and definitions are always changing, especially along with the cultural phase at that time,” said the owner of the real name Min Yoongi.

Taking a deeper look at this idea, Suga also touches on his own life and how things change while growing up. For him, these changes will continue to occur over time and should be grateful for.

When I was growing up, all hip-hop artists wore very loose pants and clothes. But now, what they wear is the one that fits the body. If a hip-hop artist dressed like that back then, some people would say, ‘You’re not a true hip-hop musician,continued Suga.

As BTS continues to grow and challenge these norms, many expect that it will also spread to the wider world, where many people still have strict gender expectations. But for sure, many people support BTS’s move.

Meanwhile, BTS broke gender norms by wearing a skirt on the cover of Singles magazine. Jimin BTS also did the same thing by wearing a skirt for the teaser photo of the single “Butter“.

MV and Lyrics of 'Permission to Dance' Make Netizens Cry, BTS Praises Out

MV And Lyrics Of ‘Permission To Dance’ Make Netizens Cry, BTS Praises Out

BTS Released The Music Video For Their Latest Song, ‘Permission To Dance’. The Music Video And Lyrics Of BTS’s New English Song Have Received Various Responses From Netizens.

BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) recently released the music video for their latest song, “Permission To Dance”. The music video and lyrics of BTS’s new English song have received various responses from netizens.

The music video for “Permission To Dance” has a summer feel with RM ( Rap Monster ) and friends dressed in cowboy style. It catches attention for its catchy tone, bright atmosphere, and stunning visuals. When the video was released, many people praised BTS for embracing and celebrating diversity.

One of the first things fans notice in the music video is that the members incorporate both Korean (KSL) and international (ASL) sign language into their choreography. The group’s record label later confirmed that they were using sign language for the words “fun,” “dancing,” and “peaceful.”

The music video also ensures that everyone will be able to relate to the narration. Throughout the video, people of all ages, races, and nationalities are represented, ensuring that fans know that BTS’s positive message is for everyone. It’s also a way to celebrate how much diversity there is in the world.

In the video, people from various important jobs are also featured, highlighting the extraordinary work they have done in the COVID-19 pandemic situation, especially health workers.

For many fans, his music videos embrace diversity, equality and uniqueness. By making use of sign language in their choreography, BTS conveyed a powerful and entertaining message that everyone enjoyed.

The lyrics of “Permission to Dance” also encourage everyone who is struggling in the midst of the pandemic. BTS brings hope that everything will end and the world will return to normal in 2022. This has touched netizens to tears.

The song is good and the lyrics are also good. The bright atmosphere makes me cry. I like BTS because they are able to express the stories they want to convey through songs,commented netizens. The song is really good, the lyrics make me cry, added another netizen.

I can really feel what kind of singer BTS wants. They really seem to be a source of solace and hope in today’s world,said another. I think I’m the only one crying but there are so many people who cry like me. What makes me cry? I really want to take off the mask and go to the concert,concluded another.

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