Celebrating 35 Years, ‘Top Gun’ Releases Again in American Cinema

The sequel, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ will hit theaters on November 19, and streaming service Paramount+ will be released 45 days later.

The film ‘Top Gun’ will be re-released in theaters this May 13 to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Fans of this film call it Top Gun Day. ‘Top Gun’ became the most favorite film among film fans and filmmakers. According to them, the film ‘Top Gun’ is one of Tom Cruise’s best works, which was first released in 1986.

This classic genre film managed to make a very drastic income, which is around $ 356 million at the Box Office with an initial budget of ‘only’ $ 15 million. This film has won an Oscar award in the Best Original Song nomination with the title ‘Take My Breath Away by Berlin.

‘Top Gun’ tells the story of Maverick who is a fighter pilot. Then, he and his friend Goose were allowed to practice fighter aircraft at the Navy Fighter Weapons School in San Diego, one of the cities in California.

The film, which is considered a success in the film industry, was directed by Tony Scott and produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. The film also features several well-known actresses and actors, including Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skerritt, Kelly McGillis, and Tom Cruise.

Although the initial release of the film ‘Top Gun’ attracted a lot of criticism, in the end, this film became the subject of cultural respect for many years since its release and became various parodies. One of the most famous, namely ‘Hot Shots’ starring Charlie Sheen in 1991.

Almost a decade finally Tom Cruise stepped back into the cockpit for the next ‘Top Gun’ with the title ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. This is where Tom Cruise plans to fly his plane for this project.

Following up on limitations due to the ongoing pandemic, Screen Rant reports, the film ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is scheduled to hit theaters on November 19 and the Paramount+ streaming service will start 45 days later.

The good news is that now several cinemas are trying to get back up after being vacuumed for some time due to the pandemic. Bringing fan-favorite films is the best choice to attract audiences to come to the cinema. AMC as the company that oversees cinemas in the US is the party that has to accept a lot of losses because the cinemas were closed.

Meanwhile, the cinema is trying to provide the best service by re-release the film ‘IMAX’ with some changes. Among other things, by bringing 3D technology into the film, then providing sharper visuals and better sound for the 1986 picture to provide a memorable experience for fans of the old film.

Coupled with the release of the film ‘Maverick’ from Tom Cruise as a sequel this year, it allows AMC to introduce newcomers as a promotion to the audience for vacation.

The release of ‘Top Gun’ is not just to break records, but has more meaning than that, namely to appreciate the legacy of the film ‘Top Gun‘ itself. In addition, to commemorate and provide a treat for fans of the film ‘Top Gun’ from the beginning of its release. So that fans can enjoy the legacy of ‘Top Gun’ which has been running for 35 years and will air in November.

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