Collab Attack on Titan This is Perfect for Levi Lovers

The cleanliness of the legendary Levi Ackerman finally got the award that fits — in the form of a robot vacuum cleaner with himself on it.

Attack on Titan continues its popularity that extends even beyond the end of the manga. Even more ubiquitous than the series itself is a machine marketing is great, which has turned the series into a different series of parody, video game, action figures, and the strangeness of the merchandise. But the product that was recently revealed may be the highlight of the synergy brand’s iconic Attack on Titan.

Line vacuum debuRoborock release vacuum cleaner robot branded Scout Levi Ackerman fan favorite is equipped with cleaning equipment trademark. Levi is very serious about cleaning, which makes it very suitable for the main role of the vacuum cleaner. This is not an example first strange from real life and Attack on Titan which work in harmony, but this is probably the cleanest.

Levi Ackerman Is An Expert Hygiene
Levi Ackerman is one of the main characters in Attack on Titan, and regardless of the nature of the serious and apocalyptic of the show, she is best known as a freak neat. This comes from her disgust at the conditions were unhygienic and dirty place Levi and other human lives.

This makes it many times wearing clothes cleaning stereotypes, which in itself has been a meme. Levi himself is one of the characters most serious in the series, which is always dark. The uniqueness of the personality is at odds with almost all the things about and in the surrounding areas, culminating in one of the merchandise anime most bizarre in recent years. But it works perfectly for the character.

Attacking The Vacuum Cleaner Titan?
Roborock, line vacuum cleaner robot Roomba-esque associated with the Chinese company Xiaomi, has released a special version of the Vacuum cleaner Pure Roborock S6. Vacuums expensive but versatile, this has several options and features that justify a price, ranging from mapping and long-lasting battery up to compatibility with Amazon Alexa.

However, vacuum-themed Attack on Titan, their new makes things even further, put a sense of adventure back to the household. A version of the S6 is licensed officially, with the logo of the franchise and the two pictures of Levi on it, one of them is Levi with clothes chemicals that are famous.

The vacuum also has a sound piece of dialog Levi supplied by the voice actor Japanese, Hiroshi Kamiya. This took what seemed like the skin sheer to the void and lift it to fully realize the franchise that it represents. It is also suitable for Levi’s own, which again does not hold with places to stay dirty. This is not the first time the anime has a merchandise license is strange, and it’s certainly not the last. Unfortunately, it is not known whether these products will be released outside of Japan, which means that fans of non-Japanese should stay clean without the help of Scout their favorite.

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