Confirmed that The Last Knight will be his last Transformers film

In addition, in an attempt to uncover the origins of the Autobots, Sir Edmund Burton is also served by Cogman. Silver colored robots. Which can be transformed into a 2017 Aston Martin DB11 which, in terms of size, looks smaller when compared to the Transformers in general.

Apart from Sir Edmund Burton and Viviane Wembly, what is also curious is the figure of Izabella (Isabela Moner). The tomboyish baby girl, it is said, has lost both of her parents. They died when the City of Chicago was attacked by the Decepticons in the third Transformers film: Dark of the Moon (2011). Even Isabella, finally, lives on the streets. Accompanied by Canopy and Sqweeks. A cute robot. Which can turn into a Vespa.

Meanwhile, director Michael Bay, who has directed the Transformers franchise since the first film in 2007, confirmed that The Last Knight will be his last Transformers film. Actually, after Age of Extinction (2014), Bay has already decided to step down.

However, even though Michael Bay will be left behind, that doesn’t mean the Transformers franchise will end. In fact, Paramount Pictures, reportedly, has prepared a spin-off about Bumblebee. Which will be broadcast next year. And the sixth Transformers movie.

Paramount Pictures, it seems, is not playing games in developing the Transformers franchise. They want to follow in Disney’s footsteps. Which was a huge hit with its Marvel Cinematic Universe. As well as Warner Bros. Pictures. With its DC Extended Universe.

That said, to compete with the two big studios, Paramount Pictures wants to create a Hasbro Cinematic Universe. They intend to unite the toy characters produced by Hasbro in one film. Kind of like The Avengers and Justice League. So, get ready to see a collaboration between Transformers, Micronauts, and, of course, GI Joe!

All of these plans will be closer to reality if Transformers: The Last Knight is successful in the market. With a superjumbo capital, reaching USD 260 million (the most expensive when compared to the four predecessor films), this fifth film is expected to be a blockbuster at the box office. At a minimum, equal the achievements of the previous two films. Which earned income above USD 1 billion.

While attending the global premiere in London last Sunday (18/6), Mark Wahlberg stated: Transformers: The Last Knight will be bigger, cooler, and more everything. In addition, he also added, director Michael Bay always wanted to give something more for the fans.

When viewed from the trailer, the fifth Transformers film is indeed full of Michael Bay’s typical heroic scenes. Like fighting giant robots. Terrific and thrilling. Accompanied by a patriotic and uplifting music background by Steve Jablonsky.

In addition, 98 percent of the shooting process carried out by Michael Bay also uses IMAX cameras. Transformers: The Last Knight is also noted as the first Hollywood film to use almost entirely IMAX cameras.

Anyway, in terms of action and visual effects, Transformers: The Last Knight promises everything. It’s just that, like the four previous film series, even though they are selling well in the market, it doesn’t necessarily invite positive reviews from film observers.

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