Criminals Wildest Fullmetal Alchemist Realize the Mess that Can’t be Tampered with

Solf J. Kimblee, the Crimson Lotus Alchemist, is the main wild card in Fullmetal Alchemist — follow the selfish desire to find pleasure in chaos.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood includes many moving parts and famous characters such as Colonel Roy Mustang, the hero of Edward Elric and even Pride shadow all know which team they play in the greater scheme. Such a character is the element that is stable in the story, was in contrast with the Homunculus Greed and Solf J. Kimblee, in particular.

Appeared in the middle of the anime series 2009, Solf J. Kimblee was introduced as a state alchemist the cruelest and unpredictable, which is known as the Crimson Lotus Alchemist (named after the blast that he created). Although it is clear that Kimblee likes clutter, find out which side he’s fighting for is another matter entirely.

Resurrection, The Fall & The Return Of Solf J. Kimblee

With the small Kimblee into the mysteries, his earliest was during the Civil War of Ishval, in which the cruelty is strangely shown fully. Even at this point, it is clear that Kimblee does not care about life or the needs of other people, friends, or enemies — based on his actions, he may not even have the concept of friend or enemy. On the contrary, Kimblee is most tied to his desires, especially the instinct to blow up and enjoy the sound.

Kimblee could not refuse any opportunity to blow something up and see dead people. Even by the standards of the Civil War in Ishval, Kimblee hard, raging while just being in the military of Amestris. He was in it for fun, not because of the task, and Kimblee attack the allies when he stole the philosopher’s Stone that is assigned to him and killed several officers to save it. He was arrested and imprisoned for years- although the Stone was still hidden in his stomach.

Kimblee will fight for anyone who gave her freedom back, and of course, the homunculus Envy act on behalf of the Father for the freeing and recruiting Kimblee from prison the Center of it. The plan of the Father asks the agent of the elite such as Kimblee, and Envy even give him the philosopher’s Stone that is new and stronger. Kimblee has no special love for the Father or the homunculi, but this allowed him to hunt one of the few Ishvalans left: Scar evil.

Kimblee’s Forays To Briggs, Central & Pride’s Very Soul

Kimblee finds a trace of Scar quickly and keeps it there, sees through the trap smart Ishvalan, and chased him to the north, where Edward and Alphonse Elric happen to be. Kimblee lose in a duel short against the Scar on top of the train but survived, and he limped towards the Fort Briggs magnificent. So he’s back fit, Kimblee face Edward and asked his help in hunting Scar, even holding Winry Rockbell to manipulate it. Chase Kimblee against Scar stalled after Ed attacked him — cause alchemist who screwed mercilessly using the philosopher’s Stone his new, nearly killed Ed. However, Kimblee never gets a Scar.

Then, during the Promised Day, the transmutation circle large-scale around Amestris into life, and Kimblee faces Alphonse Elric with the help of the Pride. This is the recent attack on Kimblee, and so Heinkel si chimera hurt him, Kimblee helpless when Pride eats it to get its power. However, even though it looks like the end for Kimblee, he managed to make one last game.

During a crucial moment, when Edward turns her into the philosopher’s stone the man to attack the soul of Pride directly, Kimblee creates the appearance of other surprises. Regardless of the storm of the soul the irresistible surrounding, awareness Kimblee bloodthirsty still intact, and he is sabotaging Pride because of the sheer insolence. Kimblee believes in survival of the fittest, like Olivier Armstrong, and Pride to prove himself weak when he tried to steal the human body Edward as the new ship. So, Pride helpless when Edward finish him off, and Kimblee arrogant disappeared into the storm of the soul in Pride’s Philosopher’s Stone.

Kimblee loyal to anyone or any purpose, the only faithful to the wishes and views of his world. Solf J. Kimblee is the wild card of the highest in the world schemes and plots, and even the Father and the Pride could not hope to make him their puppet.

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