“Doom at Your Service”, Owner of a Million People Ship

This drama is about the contract for the last 100 days of Tak Dong kyung’s life with Myeong Mal, the god of destruction. Dong kyung must make a wish for the world to be destroyed within its last 100 days. The payoff is that Dong Kyung will not feel pain even though he is diagnosed with multifocal Glioblastoma . If Dong kyung breaks the contract, then the person he loves the most will die.

Seo In guk and Park Bo Young managed to captivate the audience with the characters they portrayed. Their chemistry made the audience both excited and fascinated.


Myeong Mal has an aura that makes the audience waver. The cynical smile that is his trademark does not make the audience annoyed, it just makes the audience fascinated. Smirk is charismatic plus his style that always looks cool. Then also the smoking scene flooded the praise of the audience. Even though so far women tend to dislike male smokers, Myeong Mal managed to overturn common sense.

Then Tak Dong Kyung, who has been recognized as cute especially since the drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon , added her with long hair that made her look beautiful. His best cute aura was when he was amazed by Myeol Mang’s behavior, who liked to show uninvited miracles.

So it’s no wonder this fantasy genre drama gets high ratings. Long before it was broadcast, it was already busy talking and much awaited.

Are you guys following this drama too?

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