Dragon Ball Super: the Timeline of Future Trunks was Destroyed by the Emperor Pilaf?!

Dragon Ball Super-Future Trunks back, and give you a very funny about why the heroes in the world could never go back.

One of the most popular characters of the Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks, warrior half Saiyan who uses the sword of the timeline is much darker. Introduced into the series by releasing one of the most fearsome villains, Future Trunks, and the world as the Terminator the place he came from, both are part of one of the franchise’s longest and most well-received.

Dragon Ball Super bringing back Future Trunks, and finally, explain why the Z Fighters in his day never revived. In a very funny twist, it turns out there is another gang of Emperor Pilaf, the trio of villains from the Dragon Ball original is the reason why the strongest fighters in history never return to the timeline of Future Trunks.

A world where Future Trunks come is a world where many of the Z Fighters had been dead for many years. This happened after Goku’s death, not in battle but rather from heart disease mysterious. With the loss of a de facto leader and the strongest warrior of them, the Z Fighters can’t beat the onslaught of Android, which was created by and is led by members of the Army of the Red Tape that still live Dr. Gero.

Trunks travel to the past to prevent this future from happening again, even if it does not fix the timeline of his own. This starts with making sure that Goku did not die, but Trunks also survive when the threat of Android appear on this timeline as well. After the Android and Cell are defeated, Trunks returns to his own time to take them out. He did Android 17 and 18 with a quick thanks to the increase of its strength since the last time they met. With their defeat, Trunks immediately do the same thing on the Cell in his timeline, to bring peace to the Earth. Unfortunately, the question of why he did not try to wish the Z Fighters back still unanswered, especially given the presence of his mother and the Dragon Radar.

The story about what happened on the Timeline of The Future the Dragon Balls was revealed towards the end of Volume 2 of the manga Dragon Ball Super. Emperor Pilaf and his gang, Shu and Mai, search for the Dragon Balls after the first Android attack. They collect them and hope that their youth was restored, only to Shenron who takes it too literally and makes them a baby.

The transformation of the silly will, unfortunately, be the last hope that will be given Future Shenron because the line of time equal to Piccolo will die soon afterward. This change of Dragon Ball becomes a mere stone, and no one knows how to reach New Namek and bring Dende, it is impossible to use their Dragon Ball to revive Piccolo, Goku, or others.

Ironically, the Mai, which is now the same age as the baby, Future Trunks, will give a strange look to the boy before he and his mother Bulma go. Many years later, the two became very close as the defenders of Earth-they, with many who believe that the young warrior and the former villain that fell in love and are just afraid to admit it. The desire of Emperor Pilaf is also the opposite of Episode 1 of Dragon Ball GT that now is not the canons, where he wishes Goku to be a child again. While the situation is funny and fitting for a villain of Dragon Ball the over-the-top, it ends with absolute havoc for the world of Future Trunks. In this way, Emperor Pilaf accidentally causes more damage and destruction here than he ever did in the other storylines.

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