Exclusive! Press Conference with Zack Snyder, Reveals the Specialties of ‘Army of the Dead’

Netflix is ​​busy preparing for the release of its newest film during the pandemic, namely ‘Army of the Dead’. This zombie-heist genre film is directed by Zack Snyder and stars Dave Bautista.

Many things are very interesting from this film, starting from Zack’s comeback to the zombie genre after ‘Dawn of the Dead’ (2004), to the influence of his life behind the father-daughter story in the film.

So to find out more, Netflix invites media from all APAC (Asia Pacific Economic-Cooperation) countries to join a virtual press conference with Zack Snyder himself.

This event was hosted by Nikko Ramos from the Philippines. He gave several selected questions from APAC media to Zack, and one of the questions came from CINEVERSE ID, which represents.

During the fun question and answer session, Nikko asked us what makes ‘Army of the Dead’ different from most zombie films.

In his improvisation, Nikko added that nowadays the zombie genre has become rich. Full of innovation. In addition, Nikko said our question is the first question that will cross many people when they learn that Zack Snyder is making a movie about a zombie apocalypse.

Zack answered the question enthusiastically. The first thing he said was, this was certainly different from ‘Dawn of the Dead. This was very important to him out of the many reasons why ‘Army of the Dead’ was different.

When he directed ‘Dawn’, Zack made it based on another film, previously directed by George A. Romero. Well this time, Zack had the opportunity to make something original. The IP (Intellectual Property-red) is fresh from the oven, Cilers! Sometimes it’s the original thing that makes us hesitate because we guess. But what if the one who made it from scratch was Zack Snyder? Looks like the story will be different.

Furthermore, Zack then said that he certainly didn’t want to waste this opportunity. He wanted to blow out. He wanted to create a world from his vision. Zack then added that he was very happy to have this opportunity, to start the world from scratch was fun, He said.

Zack then closes this answer by assuring us that the audience will be taken to go to a world full of zombies that have never been seen before. Well, it would be nice to hear something like this from the director. Because we can see what Zack’s vision will look like, which this time doesn’t use the Director’s Cut treatment at all.

‘Army of The Dead’ shows the setting where the city of Las Vegas has now been destroyed and isolated from the outside world due to the outbreak of zombie outbreak. Amid his new routine as a burger seller, resident and former zombie war hero Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) and his team decide to go on a thrilling journey: break into a zombie-infested quarantine zone for the biggest heist ever.

He and his team of different skills must find $200 million in an underground vault before the city is destroyed by the government in 32 hours.

With limited time, hard-to-open safes, and an army of smarter, faster, and ever-closer Alpha zombies, only one thing is certain in this greatest heist: the survivors will have everything.

‘Army of the Dead’ will release on Netflix on May 21, 2021.

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