Film Baby Driver tells the adventures of a boy named Miles

Baby Driver, finally, will be showing in cinemas starting this Wednesday (30/8). It’s too late. Because the film made by Edgar Wright has been released globally since two months ago.

By carrying Ansel Elgort as the main star, the film Baby Driver tells the adventures of a boy named Miles. Commonly called Baby. Yes, baby. Because her face is really cute for a boy’s size. However, you are cuter.

The story is, as a child, Baby (Ansel Elgort) had a car accident. This resulted in the death of both his parents. Baby is then raised by a deaf adoptive father. His name is Joseph (CJ Jones). In Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition to taking his biological parents, the accident also made Baby suffer from tinnitus hearing loss. Which causes his eardrums to ring all the time. To overcome this disorder, Baby must always listen to music. By using earphones. Through his iPod.

However, behind the tinnitus disorder, it turns out, there is also a hidden blessing. Baby becomes more sensitive. In fact, his sensitivity exceeds that of normal people. So is the memory. He can remember things easily.

These advantages make Baby a nimble driver. He is able to speed, and corner (like he corners you from me #curcol), very well. In fact, so fast, the way Baby drives a car, perhaps, will bring a Dominic Toretto to his knees.

However, as the saying goes, where there is sugar there are ants. Baby’s driving skills immediately caught the attention of a mysterious robber. Dubbed as Doc (Kevin Spacey). The middle-aged man who always looks dapper asks Baby to be the driver. When he and his gang robbed a bank.

In fact, Baby was reluctant to do such illicit work. However, because she still needed money to pay off her debt, the lady’s boyfriend, Debora (Lily James), finally accepted Doc’s offer.

Long story short, Baby has successfully carried out his duties. And immediately pay off the debt. However, Doc, who is mesmerized by Baby’s skills (especially his ability to escape police pursuit) doesn’t want to let him go. In fact, he considers Baby as his lucky charm.

The cruel Doc then threatens to kill the people that Baby loves (including, his girlfriend and adoptive father) if he doesn’t obey his orders. Can Baby escape from the snares of Doc and his heinous gang?

Btw, after airing in the United States (on June 28, 2017 ago), Baby Driver immediately received a very positive response from critics. In fact, it is touted as one of the best films of the year.

Commercially, the acquisition is also quite successful. With a budget of “only” USD 34 million, this Baby Driver was able to earn up to USD 194 million. And recorded as the highest-grossing film ever worked on by Edgar Wright.

At first glance, Baby Driver does look like an ordinary action film. However, the cold hands of director Edgar Wright, who also doubles as the screenwriter, was able to make this film with a heist theme (aka robbery) very interesting and different from the others.

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