Film Beyond Skyline is a detective from the Los Angeles Police Department

When released in 2010, Skyline received a negative response from critics. However, the sci-fi thriller about the alien invasion was a box office success. Because, with a budget of “only” USD 20 million, he was able to earn an income of USD 79 million.

Perhaps, financial success is what makes the producers interested in making a follow-up film Skyline earlier. Although it was delayed by about seven years, the sequel, entitled Beyond Skyline, was finally released this month. And it has been shown in cinemas starting last Tuesday (31/10).

In the first Skyline film, it was told, an alien plane attacked Earth. Then ravaged major cities around the world. One of them is Los Angeles, United States. However, perhaps because of the limited budget, the story of Skyline only revolves around an apartment building that is invaded by aliens.

Meanwhile, despite being a sequel, the story in Beyond Skyline, in fact, takes the same time setting as the first film. However, with a different location.

The main character in the film Beyond Skyline is a detective from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The name is Mark Corley (Frank Grillo). His son, Trent (Jonny Weston), is kidnapped by an alien plane during the invasion.

In order to save his only son earlier, Mark then infiltrated the plane. Then tear apart the aliens in it. As a result, the plane crashed in Southeast Asia. To be precise, in Laos.

There, Mark meets the leader of the human resistance movement against aliens. Yang is an underground soldier. The name is Sua (Iko Uwais). In addition, there is also The Chief. Played by Yayan Ruhian. They then work together to face the aliens earlier. That looks like your boyfriend. #curcol

Btw, the Beyond Skyline film has indeed received wide attention in Indonesia. Because it involves two actors from the pride of the country: Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian.

In addition, although the story is set in Laos, the filming process for this film by Liam O’Donnell is mostly done in Indonesia. Namely, at Prambanan Temple, Sewu Temple, Sri Gethuk Waterfall, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, and Infinite Studios in Batam.

Beyond Skyline is Liam O’Donnell’s directorial debut. The American filmmaker who was born April 12, 1982 also acts as a screenwriter. In the first Skyline film, he was only one of the producers.

Regarding the choice of Laos as the background of the story, not in Indonesia (where the shooting took place), Liam admits it was a personal choice that was quite ‘selfish’. The reason, his wife, Phet Mahathongdy, is an actress of Lao descent. In addition, the name of his son (who is now eight years old), Sua, is used as the name of one of the main characters. Which is played by Iko Uwais.

Initially, Liam was looking for a shooting location in Laos. However, there is no suitable place. Likewise when searching in Malaysia and Thailand. He really wanted the temple ruins as the backdrop for the Beyond Skyline film.

In other films, in general, aliens are told to invade big cities. Sort of like New York or Los Angeles. As depicted in the first Skyline film. However, this time, Liam wanted to show something different. He wants aliens to also attack remote places. Like the temples in Laos.

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