Fishing Rod: The Mysterious Past Of Jin Finally Explained

Background, Jin has been a mystery since the Rod for the start, and Episode 10 gives you some much-needed insight about what makes it tick.

Episode 10 Joran provides some much-needed insight into the past of Jin, gave the audience a view of what is made the head of the village Nue moved. The disclosure that came from this episode tie many of the loose threads of Rod together and with the series nearing the end, the consequences of past actions Jin will likely shape how things play out leading up to the final.

In a flashback to years before the series, Jin is the younger held captive by Janome and the organization. Takes place when a crazy person is still working for the Shogun, Jin – referred to as Iori by a fellow prisoner – is one of the many human subjects who participate in research Janome about eternity. Experiments leaving the body Iori with a scar similar to Janome. After wiping the broken glass from the bottom of the guard, the boy managed to escape by issuing a variety of guards and breakthrough to the outside. Although initially, he believed he was free, Iori was cornered by the army shortly after her daring escape.

When he will be executed, Iori is saved by a man wearing the symbol Nue. After scaring the pursuer Iori, agents, Kotodama, bring the boy to maintain and organize a meeting with the Shogun. Kotodama presenting Iori as a candidate for Nue’s potential because of the encouragement and a strong desire to survive. Shogun changed her name to Jin Kuzuhara and makes him lick the bottle of wine from the floor as a test of loyalty. The action delivery force shows how sadistic Yoshinobu, as well as explains some visceral hatred of Jin against the Shogun.

Kotodama takes the kid under his wing and spent the next few years trained her to become an agent and the swordsman effectively. When Janome betray the Shogun and be naughty, Jin sent to oversee the clan of Karasumori, which attract people crazy because of the blue blood they are unique. There, Jin crossed paths with mother Sawa, Towa. Towa is the only one aware of the presence of Jin, and like her daughter, is a skilled fighter with the ability to change. Even though Jin initially tired, both eventually grow to each other, with Towa gradually becomes a mother figure to Jin orphan.

Jin spent months overseeing the clan but suddenly assigned to exterminate them by the Shogun when they refused to let the government use their special abilities. On the eve of his mission, Towa visits her and leaves her food, offered him the opportunity to come to his house and spend time with his family. Towa seems more like Jin during his stint in the village and treats it like the boys. With the back, Jin ate food Towa and began to cry. This is a first for Jin who is usually stoic and shows how much he cares about Towa.

Despite the objections about the mission, Jin took part in the massacre. He approached the house Towa and was greeted by him, stabbed him while he was off guard. The rest of the scene plays out like Sawa remembers it, reveals Jin being the person who slaughtered his family that night. When Jin found Sawa frightened young hiding, he shows remorse and decides to save him. After finding Sawa unconscious, Kotodama tries and drop it according to his orders, but blinded by Jin before he could do anything. The Episode then returns to the present where Sawa asks Jin what his role in the death of his clan.

Relationship Genie by Sawa always be the center of the series in one way or another, and this episode accentuates highlights the similarity of their circumstances. The dynamics between the mirrors Jin and Kotodama are seen between him and Sawa throughout the series, and considering the involvement of the Genie in the death of his clan, people have to wonder if Jin will meet the same end with his mentor.

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