From ‘Nomadland’ to ‘a promising young woman’ : where to watch Oscar-winning films

Despite the fact that’ Mank ‘accumulated ten nominations, ‘Nomadland’ has imposed itself as the great winner in a gala in which they have also been awarded ‘el padre’ or ‘Sound Of Metal’

The last time he said that of ‘the Oscar is for…’the pandemic of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 had not yet erupted and everything was normal at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, with the proviso that, for the first time, wore the golden statuette for Best film tape in non-English-speaking: the south Korean ‘Parasites’, Bong Joon-ho. Now, a year later, the scenario that arose in the Oscar Awards 2021 was very different, starting with the nominations, which before the brake that Hollywood has given in the rooms has left room for other types of creators and smaller productions. If 2020 was a year distinguished by the record of four awards which garnered a film shot in Korean, this year the relay has taken the filmmaker china Chloé Zhao, who with his feature film ‘Nomadland’ he garnered six nominations in total, and has risen as not only the winner of Best film, but has managed to prevail also in a Better Direction, what has earned him this director that is already integrated in the Marvel universe thanks to the ‘Eternals’ with the recognition of being the second filmmaker who has led the Oscar in this category after Kathryn Bigelow. The night, which has reversed the order of delivery of awards beginning with the relevant categories of script and ending with the group of three for Best actor and actress after delivering the statuette for Best feature film, has been crowned also by Frances McDormand, the actress asked Zhao to lead this project, with the third Oscar performance of his career, after which he picked up with ‘Fargo’ and ‘Three announcements in the outskirts’. From the Golden Globes via video call, which took place at the beginning of march, for the 93rd edition of the Oscars has opted for a gala face-to-face in the train station, Union Station —a scenario which have been added to connections to different cities, including Seoul to follow the track to the winner of last year’s Bong Joon-ho— marked by the diagnostic tests, pre-and a different way of delivering the galadornes, more estranged from you to you given the security protocols against the covid-19, the ceremony. With some exceptions, it has been possible to see the 170 guests in person to the gala, the reduced capacity that the ceremony has had as reported exclusively by the American Media ‘Variety’, without masks during the course of the television broadcast of the Oscar Awards 2021. As long as there was no advertising break, nominees and the rest of the guests at the gala could witness the ceremony without masks, in tune with what the Hollywood Film Academy has defended to value the production of the act. In addition to ‘Nomadland’, among the great favorites of the edition was also’ Mank’, by David Fincher, which started as the most nominated by accumulating options in ten nominations and has ended the 93rd edition of the Oscars with two awards: The Best Production Design and best photography. Although it has been a ceremony with a very distributed record, the great winner of the night, the film starring Frances McDormand and directed by Zhao, has managed to completely overshadow another of the productions that stood out in the candidacies, because ‘the trial of the Chicago seven’, under the direction and script of Aaron Sorkin, has gone empty. After a 2021 Oscar gala in which there has also been room for surprises, these are some of the award-winning films that can be seen in cinemas or platforms:

With options of winning the Oscar in ten categories, including Best film, Best director or Best direction of photography —was absent, for example, in the list of Best screenplay, in which it has been lifted ‘A young promising’ eclipsing the text of Sorkin in ‘the trial of The seven Chicago’—, ‘Mank’ led as favorite if you are attending only to the number of nominations accumulated, as in the categories of weight was lost battle when confronted with ‘Nomadland’. Finally, the film shot in black and white and with mono sound has been made with the golden statuette in the nominations for Best Production Design and best photography. The direction in this film that emulates the black-and-white movies of the 30s of the last century and the way in which is recounted the stories in the seventh art, is run by David Fincher, producer, among other productions, from ‘the fight club’, ‘Seven’ or ‘The social network‘. Two decades after his father, Jack Fincher, wrote a script about his favorite film, ‘Citizen Kane’, the filmmaker produces this story centered on the screenwriter who, together with Orson Welles, spun the plot around Rosebud: Herman J. Mankiewicz, better known as Mank. The feature film is available on Netflix.

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