When hearing that Will Smith and director Ang Lee collaborated in an action film with sci-fi flavor, it is news that makes film watchers curious about the final result of the film, entitled Gemini Man .

Produced by Skydance Media with Jerry Bruckheimer Films and distributed by Universal Pictures , the Gemini Man film will be shown midnight on 5 October 2019 and regular broadcast on 9 October 2019 in Indonesian theaters and aired in various presentation variations, namely regular 2D, IMAX 2D and 3D plus with a special feature of High Frame Rate (HFR) technology up to 60 fps (frames per second) .

Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is an assassin with marksmanship who decides to retire after a long career and feels a decline in performance. The desire to enjoy retirement did not materialize when Henry received information that the target of his last murder was an attempt to cover up a conspiracy within a government agency.

Henry is also the target of Clay Verris (Clive Owen), Henry’s last mission leader, in order to keep Henry’s mouth shut and prevent the leak of the conspiracy in the institution he leads. Assisted by a surveillance agent, Danny Zakarweski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and his best friend, Baron (Benedict Wong) , Henry tries to save himself from the mysterious assassin Verris who turns out to not only have the same great abilities as Henry, but also have the same face.

This fact can be seen from his filmography in the last two decades. Movies such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hulk, Brokeback Mountain, Lust Caution, Life of Pi or Taking Woodstock and Billy Lynn’s Long Halfime Walk . All have their own uniqueness which signifies Lee’s courage to take the risk of trying and experimenting with something new and different.

Now in the Gemini Man film , Lee tries to play with the sophistication of motion capture technology and takes pictures using a camera with High Frame Rate 120 fps (frames per second) technology . The screening that the author attended in the press screening event yesterday was the presentation of a 60 fps HFR 3D image.

The result is that the visual presentation of the Gemini Man film is able to provide a unique cinematic experience. The writer himself is amazed by the HFR technology used in this film. Movies look sharp without grain and feel like watching on a 4K TV. Whether all audiences will enjoy this presentation is subjective and depends on the preferences of each audience.

In terms of story content, this film can actually be said to be a combination of films such as the Bourne series, Mission Impossible , or Minority Report ,

It was the standard and templates, even the addition of technology elements seemed to take the theme of The Island or looper from the side looks , where the old version of the man hunted her younger does not make the film feel fresh .

Luckily this film has amazing action scenes. Especially when the scene for the first time “the two Will Smiths” meet and chase in Cartagena, Colombia. Ang Lee and his team were able to create a very breathtaking motorcycle chase scene , followed by a shootout and a cat and mouse that was no less cool.

Unfortunately, the plot of this film has a problematic plot, especially in the second half of the film before entering the climax. Precisely after Henry realized who the hunter was, the two of them experienced a dilemma and became confused about what to do and began to question his existence.

The script written by David Benioff (Troy, 25th Hour, Game of Thrones series ), Billy Ray (Captain Phillips, Overlord ) and Darren Lemke (Goosebumps, Turbo) was unable to maintain the intensity of the film for 117 minutes in duration. An exciting first and second half were not matched by a compelling third act, the climax was less ‘kicking’ for this sci-fi action genre film with a fairly large theme.

Although the sci-fi element does not use scenes in the lab and emphasizes the science element in the dialogue, it feels like a tactic to minimize the film budget, but it does not reduce the technical quality of the maximum filming in terms of action scenes and motion capture of young Will Smith, played by Smith. alone.

The prologue of this film is told by Henry Brogan who is on his last mission before retiring, and I think the transition to the core of the film is less “excited” or boring. So, the point of this story is that Henry, who knows the secret about his “last mission”, is immediately targeted by the Agency where he works.

The Problem With CGI + High Frame Rates.
The problem in this film is that CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) is still not “sharpened”, so you can still see the CGI clearly. For example the moment when Henry is fighting with Junior, it will be very visible that CGI is still “raw”, this is because movie recording is done using a frame rate (the number of picture frames or frames shown every second in making a moving image) of 120, which according to I really didn’t fit in, and neither did the views of other film critics .

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The use of this high Frame Rate was originally intended to provide a clearer, smoother and more realistic image, however, only a few Cinemas are able to display frame rates of up to 120, the rest are limited to 60 fps. In general, regular films are recorded at the most standard fps ( Frame Rate per Second ) of 24 according to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Editors (SMPTE).

Less Action, More Talk.
Yes, according to the title, this film does too much “conversation” which in my opinion is too much ado and not to the point. In my opinion, this film is just a story-telling film with a few action sequences . In fact, the action sequences I think are very bland, from the first time I met Junior to killing Clay Verris. With a budget of US $ 138 million, we should be able to do more in making action sequences .

But, try to see the positive side
Will Smith’s role as Henry Brogan and Junior deserves thumbs up, even though the film suffered a $ 75 million loss, Will Smith still lives on to his role as a hitman and his twin. And as usual, Will Smith is never boring playing his part, like in other films:

I Am Legend (2007) as Robert Neville, a film that tells the story of a world that is in a post-apocalyptic situation, where almost all the inhabitants of the earth become zombies.

Final Conclusion
Unfortunately, this film ignores its potential to provide a compelling and balanced story in terms of film intensity thanks to a poorly worked out plot. The 3D technology plus a visual presentation of High Frame Rate 120 fps (for Indonesia only 60fps) as the differentiator provides a unique cinematic touch and experience and it feels like a must-try for cinema lovers in Indonesia.

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