Gong Myung Asks If He Can Be An NCT MV Model, Here’s Doyoung’s ‘Spicy’ Answer

Regarding The Topic Of The Music Video, Gong Myung Asked His Younger Brother If He could Appear In One Of The NCT MVs. Gong Myung Asked And Volunteered.

The brothers Doyoung NCT and actor Gong Myung have been successful and have received recognition in their respective fields. Recently, their cute moment came to attention when Gong Myung expressed his interest in starring in NCT’s music video.

Gong Myung and Doyoung stole the hearts of many with their close relationship and recently showed them off in a photoshoot with W Korea. After their beautiful photoshoot and interview, Gong Myung documents in his latest vlog about a cute dinner that takes place after work.

At dinner, the two begin discussing their work and how their two jobs recently collided. For those of you who might not know, Gong Myung starred in Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s “Coffee” MV.

Because NCT and Super Junior are both groups from SM Entertainment, Doyoung admitted that he felt strange seeing Gong Myung’s face playing in the company building. “If you take the elevator in our company, the music video will be played. The latest song at that time (played). And sometimes you appear there. Because of Kyuhyun. It’s really weird,” said Doyoung.

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Regarding the topic of the music video, Gong Myung asked his younger brother if he could appear in one of the NCT MVs. Gong Myung asked while offering, “I can’t participate in your music video?”

Hilariously, Doyoung turned down Gong Myung’s offer with a rather scathing response, “Of course not. What can you do there?” Even though his offer was rejected, Gong Myung did not give up trying to convince Doyoung.

“If NCT releases ballad (songs) or something like a song on an album and shoots a music video like that, then they need actors. If there is a music video like that, I can do it. But there hasn’t been a music video like that yet,” said Gong Myung. Although it seems like Doyoung is against her sister’s suggestion, she reveals that she has already started a plan involving.

“I have aspirations for you, Hyung. There is a future I’m designing. So just do what you’re told. Just do what I tell you. Because I planned everything,” said Doyoung.

Understanding Since Childhood, Gong Myung Admits That He Can’t Get Rid Of Doyoung, Who Is Always Tailing To Play

Gong Myung Confessed That He Couldn’t Be Like Other Kids Who Kicked His Younger Brother Out When He Played With His Peers With Doyoung.

It’s no secret that NCT’s Doyoung is the younger brother of actor Gong Myung. The two of them are known to be close to each other and always try to find time to meet in the middle of their busy schedules.

Recently, Doyoung and Gong Myung also conducted their first photoshoot and interview together with W Korea. The results of Doyoung and Gong Myung’s interview were released in a new issue of W Korea magazine.

Gong Myung shared that he tried to take care of Doyoung who was 2 years younger than him. Gong Myung couldn’t even get angry like other children when their younger sibling forced him to play with his friends.

When the two of them were little, Doyoung would come and play with Gong Myung and friends his age. Gong Myung isn’t someone who can tell his younger brother, “Go away!”

Although it can be troublesome because his younger siblings are playing, Gong Myung admits that he always pays attention and checks on Doyoung for fear of getting hurt somewhere. Doyoung was even afraid that Gong Myung wouldn’t ask him to play anymore.

Doyoung told his brother not to worry and he would take care of himself. “I’ll take care of myself, so don’t worry about me and play!”

W Korea was also seen attaching a childhood portrait of Doyoung and Gong Myung. In this portrait, Doyoung is seen taking pictures with Gong Myung and his brother’s peers.

Gong Myung’s attitude towards Doyoung is still visible today. Gong Myung didn’t even get angry when Doyoung used his clothes without permission when he went home to their parents. Doyoung himself currently lives in the NCT 127 dorm. Gong Myung praised Doyoung by saying that his younger brother was suitable for his clothes.

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