In terms of quality, Mission: Impossible films also continue to increase

In terms of quality, Mission: Impossible films also continue to increase

The first and second films were ordinary, while the third film was quite decent. However, the fourth and fifth films managed to get positive responses from critics. Which, usually, is offensive to these action films.

And, it looks like Fallout will be even more successful. After holding a world premiere in Paris (on July 12 2018), this 147-minute film received a very positive response from critics. In fact, it is not only touted as the best Mission: Impossible film, but also considered one of the best action films of all time!

Critics think, Fallout is very fun to watch. With its plot that flows fast and tortuous. The action scenes are also really crazy. Director Christopher McQuarrie is considered to have succeeded in setting high standards. Which would be difficult for any other action film to match.

In working on Fallout, McQuarrie prefers to use practical effects rather than applying CGI (computer-generated imagery) technology. And, as a result, this film released by Paramount Pictures looks very real.

Practical effects without the touch of a computer do make a big difference. The audience will see the characters as completely human. Not just digital engineering.

Besides McQuarrie, who also received a lot of praise is Tom Cruise. His boundless zeal will satisfy any action movie addict. At the age of 56, he runs, jumps, climbs, dives, fights on steep cliffs at an altitude of 610 meters, and jumps from planes at over 7,000 meters.

The scene of free fall from the plane is at the same time the most iconic scene in the film Mission: Impossible this time. The preparations were no joke. Very heavy. It’s harder than holding to miss an ex who already belongs to someone else. Dilan won’t be strong either. #curcol

In order to make the HALO (high altitude, low opening) jump, the production team modified the oxygen mask worn by Tom Cruise. So that his face is clearly visible when he is in a free fall from the plane. With a speed of 321.9 km / hour!

And, what makes it very hard, to get super cool scenes that are very dangerous is not enough to just do it once or twice. Just imagine. Tom Cruise had to repeat it up to 106 times. Yes, 106 times. So that the results are perfect. Absolutely spectacular!

Shi, who is now listed as the first woman to direct an animated short film in Pixar history, then recruited her own mother as a cultural consultant for Bao’s film.

According to Shi, his mother, Ningsha Zhong, was indeed very skilled at making dumplings. She can mix the dough, cut out the pieces, and roll each sheet into perfect little dumplings. The details of making Chinese specialties became Shi’s main reference in making this Bao film.

We’ll just wait. Hopefully this Bao film made by Shi can be as delicious as the dumplings his mother made earlier. And can be a delicious appetizer. Before we enjoy the main course: Incredibles 2.

In addition, there will also be post-credit scenes at the end of the 118-minute film. And, according to Paul Rudd, the scene relates to Avengers: Infinity War. So, don’t hurry home yet!

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