It Turns Out That This Is Yeji ITZY’s Secret To Always Post Flawless Photos On Instagram

Yuna Pointed Out That When Yeji Is On Stage, She Sometimes Looks A Little Scary With Her Sharp Movements. Lia Explained That It Also Had Something To Do With Yeji’s Chin.

In the latest episode of ” Ask Us Anything “, ITZY discussed the different facial expressions of the group during their appearance. In particular, the members focused on Yeji’s pose both on and off stage.

Shin Yuna pointed out that when Yeji is on stage, she sometimes looks a little scary with her sharp movements. Lia explained that it also had something to do with Yeji’s chin and how she positioned it.

Shin Ryujin then added that it wasn’t just her appearance but also her selfie that gave her a sharp gaze. “When Yeji takes a photo, he always does this with his hands. The angle Yeji uses is always the same,” said Ryujin while demonstrating it.

there’s no doubt that Yeji is the selfie queen, and Yuna knows that some of her photos on Instagram with that pose prove just how iconic she is. Yeji then gets a chance to say it, explaining that she is using the pose because it has the prettiest angle to her!

“This angle is the prettiest,” said Yeji as he showed it. No matter what pose he uses, there is no denying that Yeji and the rest of ITZY are professionals in taking selfies.

Meanwhile, ITZY has just made a comeback with “Mafia in the Morning” which is a song composed by Park Jin Young , the founder of JYP Entertainment. The song was released last April 30 and ITZY will also undergo promotional activities by appearing on music events.

Circulating Photos Allegedly Yeji ITZY And Youngbin SF9 Going Together, Reaping Confused Reactions
The Photos Were Uploaded By A Netizen And Imply That Yeji And Youngbin Are In A Relationship. Fans Of Both Groups Were Unhappy, While Netizens Were Confused.

Recently, photos of Yeji ITZY and Youngbin SF9 were circulating together, making fans of the two groups unhappy. Netizens, on the other hand, are confused.

The photos were uploaded by a netizen and imply that Yeji and Youngbin are in a relationship. The photos went viral to the point that media outlets made multiple reports of the two.

The photos which were viral were actually blurry and one could hardly tell that it was Yeji and Youngbin. Their faces are also covered and cannot be seen from the front. This has confused many netizens.

“Is it true Yeji? I would believe it more if you said it was Chaeryeong ,” commented netizens. “Unless Yeji went crazy overnight, there is no way she would be hanging around in public with her hair like that, even without a hat, holding hands with a man,” added another netizen.

“His side profile is very different from the Yeji I know,” wrote netizens. “If they have red hair, it doesn’t mean they are K-Pop idols,” said another. “How do they identify these people based on the blurry photos?” concluded another.

Several SF9 fans also pointed out that Youngbin is known to be very close to his older sister and is known to enjoy hanging out together. This has led to speculation that the woman in the photo may be his older sister.

Fans also criticized them for being unprofessional. In addition, the false reports might influence ITZY’s current promotions for their fourth mini album “GUESS WHO” and SF9’s appearance on Mnet’s ” Kingdom: Legendary War “.

Until now, neither JYP Entertainment nor FNC Entertainment has responded to the rumors that have arisen because of the photos above.

Meanwhile, ITZY has just made a comeback by releasing a new song titled “MAFIA In The Morning”. Their new album has been released on April 30th.

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