J-Hope BTS Choose This Simple Thing As The Best ‘Gift’ They Get When Successful

BTS Debuted From A Rather Small Company, And Didn’t Receive Much Attention Initially. J-Hope Shared Some Of The Little Happiness They Got When They Achieved Success.

While BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) is currently enjoying great success, they are having a hard time debuting. BTS debuted from a rather small company, and they didn’t receive much attention during their early days. J-Hope shared some of the little happiness they got when they achieved success.

During BTS’s guest appearance on tvN’s “You Quiz On The Block”, J-Hope talked about one of the best things that happened after BTS achieved success. Uniquely, the best happiness that J-Hope expressed was actually impressed simple and fans never imagined.

J-Hope shared that during BTS’s early days, they all shared rooms and it was difficult to breathe indoors because there were so many people inside. After some time, BTS started to gain popularity, and they were able to move to a new, bigger dorm, and they no longer had to share rooms.

Although it looks simple, but J-Hope believes that this is “one of the best things” that happened after their debut. No wonder BTS has loved their fans so much, because for them, fans are one of the keys to the success of the group.

At the event, J-Hope honestly shared how hard his trainee period was. Even acknowledged by the owner of the real name Jung Hoseok, he had wanted to quit.

There are many things J-Hope couldn’t do because he became a trainee, such as playing games and hanging out with his family. The 1994-born idol endured it all because he really wanted to become a singer.

“To be honest, I want to play games. I want to go out and hang out,” said J-Hope. He then continued, “I have to become a singer. So I thought, I’m good at letting go of those desires.”

J-Hope BTS Used To Lie To His Own Mother, The Reason Is Really Touching
In A Recent Interview, BTS’s J-Hope Revealed One Of The Most Memorable Lies He Has Ever Committed. The Figure He Lied To Was His Own Mother.

J-Hope BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) recently revealed one of the most memorable lies he has ever committed. The figure he lied to was his own mother.

In a special interview for official fanclub content, J-Hope recalled the hard times when he was a trainee. The owner of the name Jung Hoseok said that at that time he would do everything he could to debut.

Every time talking on the phone, the mother will ask questions like what J-Hope is doing. He had to lie because he didn’t want his mother to worry. “Even though I was tired, I used to tell him that I was fine,” he said.

Being a trainee and trying to debut is a tiring process that can harm anyone and J-Hope is doing his best not to show it especially to his mother. “I think it’s the lie that I remember the most,” continued the 1994 idol-rapper.

J-Hope’s lies are actually to protect the mother who means a lot to him. While appearing on ” You Quiz on the Block ” recently, he said, “My mother’s happiness is my happiness and her laughter is mine.”

Meanwhile, BTS released “Film Out” and its music video on April 2. The song is the title track of their new Japanese album, “BTS, The Best”. The song is also the official theme for the Japanese film, ” Signal The Movie ” which Jungkook co-worked on .

In other news, BTS was recently nominated for the Best Pop Duo / Group Performance category at the 2021 Grammy Awards thanks to their hit single “Dynamite”. Unfortunately, they lost to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain on Me”. They also appeared at the prestigious music awards event.

BTS at the end of last year made a comeback with a special album “BE (Deluxe Edition)”. The “Essential Edition” version released on February 19 was updated with Billboard Hot 100 stickers and their Grammy nominations. The news is circulating that they will make a comeback in May.


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