Jennie BLACKPINK Makes Splashy, Sexy Photos Only Wearing A Bra

On May 1, Jennie Posted A Series Of Photos To Promote A Set Of Calvin Klein Underwear. He Spit His Sexiness With An Open Appearance.

Jennie BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) has successfully surprised many people with her latest upload. How could he not, he spit his sexiness with an open appearance.

On May 1, Jennie posted a series of photos to promote a set of Calvin Klein underwear. The 1996-born idol showed off his perfect body by wearing only a bra and jeans.

Jennie adds a cute impression with a black beanie, and shows it through selfies in between sexy photos.

Many fans were surprised to see Jennie’s sexy appearance. But they praised Jennie’s perfect body, especially her thin waist.

Meanwhile, Jennie has recently been in the public spotlight for allegedly violating social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reportedly he may be subject to sanctions in the form of a fine.

The controversy began with Jennie’s post which featured the hands of seven people holding ice cream. Many have accused the idol born in 1996 of violating social distancing rules by holding private meetings of five or more people.

The arboretum explained that Jennie had gone there on business. With this statement from YG Entertainment and the arboretum, it is clear that Jennie has not violated the COVID-19 rules.

The South Korean government itself provides leniency with regulations when it comes to work. But of course there are other rules that must be followed.

In other news, Jennie made her last comeback with BLACKPINK in October last year by releasing her first full album titled “THE ALBUM”. After that, each member was busy with their respective activities.

Rarely, Jennie Makes Nosebleed Fans Upload Sexy Photos of Calvin Klein’s Endorse Bra
This BLACKPINK member confidently showed off his sexy body in a bra and jeans from the Calvin Klein brand that he promoted in the uploaded photo.

Jennie’s allure in the fashion industry cannot be underestimated. His love for the world of fashion has even made him attract many top designers to become models, namely the famous brand Channel to Gentle Monster, who even invited him to collaborate.

But recently, through her Instagram account, Jennie uploaded her unusual photo. This BLACK PINK member confidently showed off his sexy body in a bra and jeans from the Calvin Klein brand he was promoting.

Jennie is seen posing from behind and glancing slightly at the camera, taking her hands on the stomach. The idol, who is reportedly dating G-Dragon , appears to show his smooth back which is only covered by the black bra strap he is wearing.

” YOU ARE SO FINE WTF is crazy sexy, you rarely upload photos like this,” commented the netter. ” Our Jennie! You are always so strong and we are very happy about it. You are our inspiration! You know that but I want to say it again, Jensetter is always there for you Nini. If you are sad, look up at the sky and think that these millions of people really love you. Please. take care of yourself and stay safe! ” said another. “Always see yourself as the strongest and the best, jennie because you are the best, you are strong, beautiful, hardworking, talented, successful, extraordinary, perfect. So when you look in the mirror, say that you are the best because you are the best, our beautiful baby. we will always be here please don’t be sad there are thousands of people who love you, ” concluded another.

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