Jessi Reveals The Striking Differences Between SM Entertainment And P Nation In Handling Artists

When Inviting Red Velvet’s Joy To ‘Showterview With Jessi‘, Jessi Revealed The Differences Between SM Entertainment And P Nation In Handling Their Artists. Like What?

Jessi ( Jessica Ho ) reveals the differences between SM Entertainment and P Nation agencies in treating their artists. This he said when Red Velvet’s Joy was a guest star on the program “Showterview with Jessi” recently.

While Joy is under SM Entertainment, Jessi is currently joining PSY’s agency , P Nation. The first thing Jessi noticed was how Joy was surrounded by a lot of staff, and they were constantly monitoring what she was doing.

Jessi later said that the SM staff seemed to keep writing, Joy said this or Joy did that . That’s why Jessi believes that SM always monitors the movements of its artists.

In particular, SM Entertainment is known for its strict policies in maintaining the image of its artists to look perfect. On the other hand, fans believe that P Nation gives more freedom to its artists when compared to other companies.

Jessi goes on to reveal how different it is to her. Because P Nation tends to free him in his behavior. They never listen to me. They are probably playing with my dogs! said Jessi.

After the content was released, fans started giving a number of comments. Many of them were relieved that P Nation gave more freedom to its artists.

P Nation artists just relax 24/7 hahahaha, wrote a netter. I love P Nation. Freedom is hard to come by in the Korean entertainment industry. Good job! added the other netters.

It reminds me of when Jessi interviewed Tiffany before, where she said that she had never seen anyone do ‘image management’ in her entire life until she met her. SM is very strict with what its artists say, concluded other netizens.

Meanwhile, P Nation also houses a phenomenal idol couple, HyunA and DAWN ( E’Dawn ). Like Jessi, this former Cube Entertainment artist tends to behave more daringly than other idols.

Without shame,This Is The Reason Jessi Likes To Talk Bluntly On TV

Anti Jaim, Ini Alasan Jessi Suka Bicara Blak-Blakan di TV

When Being A Guest Star On The ‘Joy Of Conversation 3’ Program On Thursday (20/5), Jessi Revealed Her Reasons For Using Vulgar Words And Behaving Aggressively On Television. Like What?

Jessi ( Jessica Ho ) is known as a public figure who is free-spirited and always appears as she is. That’s why he doesn’t hesitate to use vulgar words when shooting various television programs.

While guesting on the KBS program ” Joy of Conversation 3 ” on Thursday (20/5), Jessi conveyed her honest thoughts about her outspoken personality. He admitted that he did not really maintain the image (jaim) as long as what he did was not wrong.

Jessi said, I don’t really care about those kinds of things. Those are just natural words and it’s not illegal to say them on television. He then gave examples of these unusual words such as “menstruation”, “breast” and so on.

Because by doing so, Jessi feels more alive.

I hope people will be more open. People criticize me for wearing a bathing suit in my photos. I’m the type who wants to do something that I shouldn’t do,he said.

She continued, Of course, it’s not a bad thing. This is my life! .

Jessi also talked about people criticizing her physical appearance. Lately, people criticize my lips too thick. However, who cares? I like it, so what’s your problem? This is my face.

However, Jessi also has many fans who always support her. Recently there are many elderly who meet with me and say that they want their children to be like me. Not once or twice, but I hear it wherever I go. So I feel I have done something good, he concluded.

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