Kwak Dong Yeon Makes Fans Broken Hearts, Lies About the Ending of Vincenzo

Kwak Dong Yeon made fans of Korean drama Vincenzo heartbroken. The reason is, the actor ‘lied’ to fans and made them believe Jang Han Seo had a happy ending.
In the Korean drama Vincenzo, Kwak Dong Yeon is told as the half sister of Jang Han Seok (TaecYeon player). He was manipulated by his brother and made the fake boss of the Babel Group.

Kwak Dong Yeon’s character initially became a ‘enemy’ to Korean drama fans Vincenzo. He looks rude and arrogant as the boss of Babel Group, but is actually made a ‘puppet’.

Slowly, Jang Han Seok’s identity was revealed as the real boss of Babel Group. Kwak Dong Yeon’s character then demoted and became Deputy Chairman of the Babel Group.

Jang Han Seo himself often received harsh treatment from his brother. After years of being bullied by Jang Han Seok, he decided to side with Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki’s player).

The Bromance of Song Joong Ki and Kwak Dong Yeon also stole the attention of Korean drama Vincenzo. Vincenzo Cassano is the older brother figure Jang Han Seo has always wanted.

However, Jang Han Seo’s fate ended tragically in the Korean drama Vincenzo episode 20. In order to save Vincenzo Cassano, he was willing to be shot dead by his brother Jang Han Seok.

Kwak Dong Yeon makes Vincenzo fans heartbroken
Before the broadcast of episode 20, Kwak Dong Yeon opened a question and answer session with fans via his Instagram account (@ kwakdongyeon0). He also answered a question that made Vincenzo’s fans calm for ‘a while’.

“What is the fate of Jang Han Seo in Vincenzo episode 20? What is a happy ending?”

Kwak Dong Yeon answered his character’s fate and wrote, “Happy, happy!”

However, fans of Korean drama Vincenzo did not expect the happy ending to be meant by Kwak Dong Yeon, which meant the departure of his character. The Twitter universe was enlivened by disappointment reactions from fans who were heartbroken.

“Really he doesn’t want him to die:”) Like, he has to feel like a real younger brother because he has an older brother, Vincent, “shouted sunnyxyde’s account.

“Maybe he meant Hanseo was happy because he was happy to die as a hero for the sake of goodness, so he is happy but still makes sad,” commented the jeepercy account.

“He’s happy … he’s already happy, released from the tyranny of babo … happy to be able to help Mas Vin … happy to be called Dongsaeng and Mas Vin …,” added the wlnh_r00 account

After the broadcast of episode 20 of the Korean drama Vincenzo, Sunday (2/5/2021), Kwak Dong Yeon also mentioned the fate of Jang Han Seo in his interview with Sports Worldi.

Like a fan of Korean drama Vincenzo, Kwak Dong Yeon was dissatisfied with the ending of Jang Han Seo.

“Personally I’m not satisfied, but I have a ‘convincing’ ending. I’m sure this will be a satisfying ending for viewers,” said Kwak Dong Yeon .

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