Lee Kwang Soo’s Pants Sagged On ‘Running Man’, Fans Are Crying Compactly

When Lee Kwang Soo Was About To Hide In The Same Place As Yang Se Chan, An ‘Accident’ Happened. The Jumpsuit He Wore Fell Off His Shoulders So That It Sagged On ‘Running Man’.

” Running Man ” presents the latest episode on Sunday (2/5). The SBS program still featured games from the previous week where the members returned to the 90s and visited various popular places of that era.

One of the games “Running Man” members have to do is take photos but they have to hide so their bodies can’t be seen in the picture. They were only given a few seconds to run into hiding.

When Lee Kwang Soo was about to hide in the same place as Yang Se Chan , an “accident” happened. The jumpsuit he was wearing fell off his shoulders and drooped. The production team quickly carried out the sensors.

However, due to Lee Kwang Soo’s sagging pants, the “Running Man” members failed to carry out their mission again. Because the position of the giraffe is right in front of the camera which makes its body clearly visible in the photo.

The moment Lee Kwang Soo’s pants sagged on “Running Man” was immediately flooded with comments from Indonesian fans. However, many are sad to remember that they will not be able to see things like this again if the Asian Prince leaves the program.

” The more sad kl deh kwang soo remember going out 🙁 ,” wrote one fan. ” Usually if you see like this definitely laughing, but now sad ,” said another. ” If she’s not there, tomorrow who gantiin sagging pants donk, so sad again if you remember him , “added another.

“Not while crying seeing it ,” said other fans. “I still don’t think that Kwangsoo will come out, even though he’s the one who always makes the atmosphere funny at home ,” added another. ” Well, at this point, I laugh, instead of laughing 🙁 ,” concluded the other fans.

Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo will be filming his last “Running Man” on May 24th. Lee Sun Bin’s lover left the program he was wrestling with for 11 years after having difficulty filming because of his condition after an accident in early 2020.

Lee Kwang Soo Leaves ‘Running Man’, Netizens Are Disappointed To Remember This Fact

SBS Has Made An Official Statement Responding To Reports Of Lee Kwang Soo’s Leaving. The TV Station Exposed How Lee Kwang Soo’s Struggle Was To Be Able To Film ‘Running Man’.

Lee Kwang Soo made the public sad about his decision to leave ” Running Man “. The member nicknamed the Giraffe has been entertaining viewers with SBS’s flagship program for about 11 years.

The agency King Kong by Starship stated that Lee Kwang Soo had difficulty filming because of his condition after the accident in early 2020. The agency also revealed that the Asian Prince will be filming his last on May 24.

Lee Kwang Soo’s decision to leave “Running Man” still leaves feelings of disappointment from South Korean netizens. That’s because despite being part of the SBS family for a long time, Lee Kwang Soo still hasn’t received the Daesang award.

“It doesn’t make sense to me that in 11 years on the show, the best award she won for it is the highest excellence. She never even won a single best couple award with Yoo Jae Seok. Even if she leaves the program, I want her to go with an award. best mate and daesang under his belt. I can’t let him go like this, “wrote one netizen.

“Please give him a Daesang at the end of the year,” continued another. “Kwang Soo, you will get a Daesang this year. Don’t get sick. You can heal well, appear in many dramas and come back to ‘Running Man’ regularly,” added another netizen.

On the other hand, SBS has made an official statement responding to reports of Lee Kwang Soo’s leaving. The TV station exposed how Lee Kwang Soo struggled to be able to film “Running Man” even though he was in rehabilitation for his injury after an accident.

“Since his car accident last year, Lee Kwang Soo has been undergoing rehabilitation for his leg, and even when he was not in the best health condition, he did rehabilitation treatment and filmed ‘Running Man’ at the same time for the love and responsibility of the program,” continued. SBS.

However, despite Lee Kwang Soo’s efforts, it wasn’t easy for him to do both at once, and he talked about his concerns with the members and the production team. The members and the production team wanted to continue with Lee Kwang Soo on ‘Running Man’ for a longer time, but since Lee Kwang Soo’s opinion as a member of ‘Running Man’ is important, we have decided to respect his decision after a long discussion, “added SBS.


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