LEGO Releases MCU Minifigure Including Throg & Alligator Loki

LEGO announced the lineup of minifigures in their new “mystery” bag , this time based on the series from the fourth phase of the MCU on Disney+.

LEGO has unveiled their newest minifigure in a “mystery” bag. This time, it’s based on some of the characters from the recently released Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is the first mystery bag released by LEGO based on the Marvel Universe.

The minifigures in this collection are characters from the first four MCU series on Disney+, namely ‘WandaVision’, ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, ‘Loki’, and ‘What If…?’. Apart from the entire minifigure itself, each mystery bag includes some relevant accessories (even smaller companion animals) based on the appearance of the characters in their respective shows.

A LEGO set is assembled by adopting the tactics of selling trading cards . Each bag is unlabeled and has the opportunity to be included in one of the twelve characters announced for this wave. Is the desired minifigure fully included or not? It depends on the opportunities at hand.

Initially, the company adopted the tactic to sell a variety of unthemed minifigures . But since then, they have started to venture to create rights to Intellectual Property (IP), such as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘DC Comics’, and even ‘The Simpsons’.

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According to, the mystery bag from the MCU will be released on September 1 and will cost up to $4.99 for each figure. There will be twelve different minifigures available in this wave, each with their own personal accessories. See the images below for the full list of characters provided by as well as a clearer picture of each minifigure .

Action movie lovers, young and old alike, can collect, display, or add cool character minifigures to their current playset from Marvel Studios original series, such as ‘WandaVision’, ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, ‘Loki ‘, and ‘What If…?Captain America.”

Until 2021, Hasbro will be the company that has the only license to produce Marvel-themed action figures . Although LEGO has released countless Marvel-themed LEGO sets in the past (all of which are minifigures ), they can’t sell stand-alone minifigures because that would technically be a breach of Hasbro’s exclusive contract with Disney. Apparently, now the terms of the contract have been relaxed with the appearance of an MCU-themed mystery bag set in the latest wave of sales from LEGO.


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Fans have been asking LEGO to release Marvel-themed mystery bag sets for years. It’s great to finally see them grant that wish, especially considering the fact that this first wave was completely inspired by Marvel Studios’ latest properties.

With the loosening of the exclusivity contract merchandise Disney, may soon be released LEGO minifigure independent as minifigure Star Wars characters and intellectual property that have not been made mystery bag . Meanwhile, LEGO fans will have plenty of Marvel Cinematic Universe figures that will cost them a fortune.

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