‘Lupine Part 2’ Premiere Trailer Has Been Released, Airing on Netflix June 11

Netflix has just released the first trailer for ‘Lupine Part 2’, starring Omar Sy and Hervé Pierre again. In the previous Lupine, many viewers gave positive responses and waited for the continuation of the action story from Assane Diop.

This section tells about Assane Diop’s revenge against Hubert Pellegrini. Because in the previous Lupine series, Diop was trying to find answers to the case that happened to his father 25 years ago, his father was accused of stealing a diamond necklace that was inherited by the Pellegrini family. This makes Diop hold a grudge against Hubert Pellegrini.

In ‘Lupine Part 2’, the story begins with Hubert’s plan to find Diop who is on the run. Meanwhile, Diop is planning to avenge Hubert. In formulating his plan, Diop managed to find a big secret from a friend of Hubert who was involved in a terrorism case.

In this latest trailer, it is shown that Assane Diop faces many challenges to free his son who is now under threat. Because instead of looking for Assane Diop, it turns out that Hubert chose to kidnap Diop’s child, so Diop will come to Hubert without Hubert having to search for Diop’s whereabouts.

However, he also needed to think about his revenge plan against Hubert Pellegrini and save himself from Hubert’s planned counterattack. But Hubert used his connections in the police and government to counterattack Assane Diop.

Directed by Ludovic Bernard (The Climb) and Hugo Gélin (Love at second sight), don’t miss five more exciting episodes of Lupine Part 2 between Assane Diop and Hubert Pellegrini only on Netflix on 11 June 2021


Netflix Announces First Season of Lupine Part II Series

As reported by Deadline, the second half of the first season of the series Lupine will slide to display the list of Netflix in the summer of this year. Since its launch on January 8, 2021, this French thriller series is expected to have been watched by 70 million Netflix users. This made Lupine the first French series to enter Netflix’s top ten list in the US and ranked number one in several regions. The second half of the first season of the series, starring Omar Sy, will be directed by Ludovic Bernard (The Climb) and Hugo Gélin (Love at Second Sight). Just like the first half, the second part will feature five episodes as well. Omar Sy implicitly has a Lupine series release date for summer 2021. “ The date for Lupine Part 2 was in front of you from the start. Or rather on my banner… you see it, but you don’t watch it, ” Omar said on his Twitter account, @OmarSy. The information refers to his Twitter banner which does display a hidden date about a summer 2021 release. Reporting from What’s On Netflix, this second part is likely to be released in July considering six months after the first episode was released. The Lupine series was first released on January 8, 2021. This film tells the story of Assane Diop ( Omar Sy ) who commits theft with a vengeful motive. His father, Babarkar Diop, was framed in a theft case by a tycoon named Pellegrini. In acting, Diop performs tricks inspired by the story of Arsene Lupin, a fictional character in Maurice Lablanc’s 1905 book. As a teenager, Diop’s life changed after his father died of suicide in prison because he was ashamed of the theft accusations that had befallen him. For 25 years, Diop believed that his father committed the theft. Until finally Diop discovers the truth that his father was only framed by Pellegrini’s trick. From there, revenge overshadowed Diop and began to carry out his actions with his trademark tricks to trick the police who were after him. In addition to starring Omar Sy, this series also features Vincent Londez, Ludivine Sagnier, and Hervé Pierre who play Pellegrini. In the first half of the first season, Lupine was under the direction of directors Louis Leterrier and Marcela Said.

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