Marvel Studios wants their first Spider-Man film to be a success in the market

Besides slipping, the thing that was also quite torturous during filming was when Tom Holland wore a Spider-Man spandex costume. That very tight. Underneath the suit, he was wearing nothing. Barely naked. Just a thong. aka g-strings. That clings to his body. So, if it’s hot, Holland can’t just take off his Spider-Man costume. It’s impossible for him to walk around the set in just a thong.

According to director Jon Watts, Tom Holland, whom he found among 7,000 potential Spider-Man cast, is a true Peter Parker. Although still young, Holland is very charismatic. And it is appropriate to compete acting with senior actors such as RDJ and Michael Keaton.

However, despite all his advantages, Tom Holland, in fact, also has one drawback. Namely, it is difficult to keep a secret. He has leaked the next Marvel Studios project several times. Including, about this Spider-Man movie reboot. Which, reportedly, will be made into the trilogy!

In anticipation of Tom Holland’s bucket mouth, finally, Marvel Studios did not provide a full script for Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Only the scenario that was part of it he was allowed to read. Apparently, Marvel is afraid that the plot of the mega-project will be exposed in the media in vain because of Holland’s actions.

Back to Homecoming. With a jumbo capital, reaching USD 175 million, of course, Marvel Studios wants their first Spider-Man film to be a success in the market. In fact, if possible, penetrate the income above one billion dollars.

And, as a result, after holding a gala premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater on Wednesday (28/6) last week, it seems, Marvel Studios’ hopes will come true. Homecoming received a positive response from critics. They consider this 133 minute film capable of building a fairly complex conflict. With smart humor and suspenseful action.

In addition, Tom Holland is also rated as the funniest Spider-Man ever. Defeat Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Which, in fact, is equally cute. After being considered a failure when played by Andrew Garfield, it seems, Spider-Man has managed to bounce back this time. Welcome home, Peter!

After being released for the first time a decade ago, the film Transformers (2007) immediately captivated the hearts of moviegoers. Then transformed into one of the most successful film franchises of all time. The total revenue of around USD 3.7 billion has been obtained from the four Transformers films that have been screened.

Although the average received negative reviews from critics, this financial success made Paramount Pictures confident: To continue and develop the Transformers franchise. Adapted from Hasbro’s toy robots. And, the fifth film, aka the newest one, entitled Transformers: The Last Knight, is finally being launched globally starting this Wednesday (21/6).

The story of this fifth film is a continuation of the fourth film, Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014). Starring Mark Wahlberg it. After the first three films relied on Shia LaBeouf as the main actor, the Transformers franchise then indeed brought new, more mature and senior stars. Maybe, to attract a more mature audience segment.

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