My Hero Academia One For All Izuku is full of surprises

One For All Izuku is full of surprises, and now MHA Season 5 has revealed the similarity of the Quirk with “brother” and his nemesis, All For One.

Arc training with My Hero Academia has been completed, and five battle it has more than a few surprises. Not only the Class 1-B that the pursuit of Class 1-A, but the team Hitoshi Shinso pushing Izuku loud enough to awaken a new side of the One For All the mighty. Izuku could barely understand this new power, let alone the hang of it.

For the moment, she is determined to avoid using the Quirk Blackwhip strange until he could better understand One For All, and even All Might and Katsuki Bakugo worry about what this means for training Izuku as the hero. Everything is eerily reminiscent of those on the creators of the original One For All, the villain All For One.

In Episode 12 of Season 5, Izuku, Bakugo, and All Might meet in secret to uncover what they have seen. All Might mentioned that neither he nor his predecessor, Nana Shimura, not be able to access the Quirks of One For All previous users. This is a first for One For All, and it’s probably not a coincidence. A previous user stated time now, but even All Might not sure what that means. Is it because Izuku has reached a plateau in your training, or because other heroes have the power to face a crime wave that the increase in the world? The situation is more dangerous than ever, and maybe that’s why Quirks One For All which is embedded appears.

Whatever the reason, Izuku, Bakugo, and All Might agree that a Quirk in Izuku is very similar to the workings of All For One Quirk, gather factors Quirk other users and assemble it in one body. The main difference is that Izuku is not doing this on purpose — even if he could, he would never willingly stole the Quirk of others. Instead, he inherited it, because the previous user enters factors Quirk of their nature in One For All from time to time (although All Might not have it to be printed). Thus, the One For All has seven Quirk bonuses in it, giving Izuku the total potential of the eight. Just All For One and Nines ever be a collection of Quirk’s walk like that.

Not only One For All be similar to the arch-nemesis of All For One, but they even have the same origin. A few generations ago, the villain All For One was disappointed with how the pain and challenge his brother, so he forced Quirk to storage the power in him to keep him healthy. Over time, the Quirk is becoming One For All, and the original user decided to reinforce it until it is finally able to defeat All For One, someday. A user subsequently continues to fill it up and added factors Quirk of their own into it, with the Blackwhip, which was recently revealed is only one of several. Ironically, defeating the assemblage of Quirks that turn off the needed heroes that do the same thing. The main difference is, of course, the bonus Quirk is inherited as a legacy heroic rather than stolen as a weapon of war.

This is the legacy inherited Izuku, and recent events such as the dream and the emergence of Blackwhip clarify that the legend is entering a new phase. All For One and fellow criminal as close as this to conquer the world of My Hero Academia, and there are no other heroes, even Endeavour mighty, who can stop them.

Time of fairy tales now: Izuku must utilize the true power of One For All to defeat All For One, and the only thing that beat the merger Quirk is, well, one more. Izuku had no choice but to fight All For One with the same requirements and look forward determination heroic, combined with a collection of Quirknya own, can overthrow the villain of the greatest ever in the world.

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