One Piece What the Call Buster the Feared Weapons of the Worst Governments of the World?

Buster Call One Piece allows the Governments of the World committed unspeakable atrocities. Here’s how it works, and how it’s used in the past.

Derived from the two-story arcs of the best One Piece Water 7 and Enies Lobby, a Buster Call is a strategy of warfare scary conducted by the Marines. Just the name alone can instill fear and sadness in the hearts of one of the civilians, Four of the Blues. This is a maneuver “last option” in every sense of the word, a symbol of power and absolute justice of the Government of the World — as well as a traumatic experience for Nico Robin.

Here it is what is Buster Calls it, the damage and the terror that it evokes, and how it was used previously in One Piece.

Buster Call is a military attack in a single location or group, which is performed by five Vice-Admiral of the Marines who led the ten ships of war of the Navy. Although it sounds simple enough, Buster Call is not something to be underestimated or taken lightly — when set, the action can remove the entire island from the map. This is a demonstration of absolute justice, completely apathetic to anyone who might be on the island and indifferent to alternative solutions whatever that may be. The marines don’t have a prejudice against civilian casualties or even the government through the use of a Buster Call. For them, it is the eradication of by any means necessary. This is the last option in One Piece, so only a handful of people have the authority to do the Buster Call.

Among the Marines, Admiral and Admiral of the Fleet such as Aokiji, Akainu, and Sengoku — as well as the Commander Kong — is the only officer with the level of influence that allows a Buster Call. As for the nobility of the Government of the World, only the Gorosei, the Heavenly Dragon supreme authority in control of the Government and the Navy itself, which can call him. Therefore, some exceptions are known to the actions of this war.

In special circumstances, anyone who can make a Buster Call may authorize a law to set it in place their hand over the Golden Transponder Snail. One of them is when He lent it to Spandam during the Enies Lobby to catch Nico Robin and Franky. Simply press the Golden Transponder Snail will send a war cry to the Headquarters of the Navy, in which five vice-admiral and ten ships of war will be assembled in the location of the signal to remove the landmark anything that happened to be in there.

Currently, there are only two Calls Buster canonical in the entire One Piece. The first is the destruction of the island of origin of Robin, roronoa zoro, as seen in the flashbacks. When the government learned that archaeologists and society scholars island that has studied the Poneglyphs, CP9 sent to see for yourself. The World government has banned any studies about the Poneglyphs or investigate the Void Century that was supposed to be their records. After Spending find evidence to support their illegal activities, a Buster Call was ordered, so remove Ohara from the map. Nico Robin is the only survivor, and he’s determined to find the truth behind the Void Century to uncover more. [Ch.

Buster Call the second One Piece came during the Enies Lobby, which Spandam do accidentally. Think Snails Transponder Gold as a communicator normal, she pressed it, it sends a signal to perform a Buster Call on Enies Lobby itself. It makes no difference that this is the island of judicial controlled by the Government of the World or that calling it is an accident. With the command given, it’s time to destroy all people and all that is in them.

We have seen Buster Calls used once or twice again in a few movies One Piece, but they are considered non-canon. Still, it is easy to see what makes them become a terrifying power and why they gave Robin PTSD terrible. No doubt if the Buster Call another will look in the future, but with the New, Marineford moved to the New World after the time skip, it’s possible.

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