Park Hye Eun Reportedly Fired, Jung So Min Offered To Play With Lee Jae Wook

Rookie Actress Park Hye Eun Was Reportedly Fired Because Of Her Acting Skills From The Drama ‘Hwang Hon’, Jung So Min Reportedly Received An Offer To Replace Lee Jae Wook’s Co-Star.

Today, Thursday (8/7) may sound shocking media reports that the actress rookie that Park Eun Hye was fired from a play even after doing a reading of the manuscript. Park Hye Eun was reportedly dismissed because of her lack of acting skills .

However, there are also reports that Park Hye Eun decided to resign instead of being fired. Park Hye Eun feels burdened by getting the lead role in a big drama project.

Previously, Park Hye Eun was lined up to play the main role in the drama by well-known writers Hong Sisters ( Hong Mi Ran and Hong Jung Eun ), ” Hwan Hon ” (literal translation). The Hong Sisters are known as screenwriter brothers who have been successful in many works. From ” Hotel Del Luna ” to ” A Korean Odyssey “.

On the same day, the actress who was expected to replace Park Hye Eun was also spread out. Jung So Min is said to have received an offer to play the female lead “Hwan Hon”.

Jung So Min’s agency, Blossom Entertainment confirmed that the actress accepted the offer. However, currently their artist is still considering the role. So, it is uncertain whether Jung So Min will officially replace Park Hye Eun.

Meanwhile, “Hwan Hon” itself is still not known when its premiere will be released, although it is confirmed that it will be broadcast on JTBC. Then, Jung So Min is now starring in the currently airing drama ” Monthly Magazine Home “. This drama was also aired through JTBC and successfully captured attention for its romantic comedy story.

The beautiful actress also still has the next project that has not been released, namely the film ” Wolf Hunt “. Jung So Min has reportedly started filming for the film.

Park Hye Eun is the opposite of rising actor Lee Jae Wook in “Hwan Hon”. Besides Lee Jae Wook, Oh My Girl’s Arin and NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun were also cast. “Hwan Hon” is also reported to have started filming.

Park Hye Eun

Considered Talentless Actress Park Hye Eun Kicked From New tvN Drama

The rigors of the entertainment world were more clearly seen when a newcomer actress, Park Hye Eun, was removed from the list of players for tvN’s new drama, Return. Ilgan Sport reported that Park Hye Eun was removed from the cast of the drama Return due to poor acting skills. Park Hye Eun was chosen as the female lead, and participated in the script reading with other stars, Lee Jae Wook, OH MY GIRL’s Arin and NU’EST’s Minhyun. It was even mentioned that the drama’s production was actually in progress. Also read: Low Viewer Ratings, These 5 Korean Dramas Are Considered Masterpieces However, during the filming process, it was decided that she did not have the skills needed to become an actress in a Korean drama . After discussions with the production team, it was finally decided to exclude Park Hye Eun from the cast list.

Currently, the drama Return is being suspended due to the search for a new cast as a replacement for Park Hye Eun. Although it’s not uncommon for actors and actresses to leave their K-Drama cast in the middle of filming, leaving with the excuse of ‘bad acting’ is almost unheard of. Park Hye Eun’s agency H& Entertainment has not yet commented on the report.

Suddenly Park Hye Eun, who became the main character, resigned from the drama, allegedly because she felt burdened. According to the crew, during filming Hye Eun was said to be unable to act until she finally chose to resign.

The production team is currently looking for a replacement actress. The post of @coppamagz which posted the news was immediately flooded with netizen comments.

It’s good to be honest, aware of the ability,” wrote a netizen. “I’m so sorry. This is a casting staff, if you don’t want an actress who isn’t good at acting, don’t take a rookie,said another.

I’m confused… how was the casting process before?” concluded another. “I’m so sorry.. What’s the reason for being told by the media again.. It seems that the agency’s power is not strong enough ..,said the netizen.

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