Pokémon: 5 Times Misty Let the Feelings are True for the Show Ash

Ash and Misty often fight in Pokémon, but as shown by the five moments of this, their relationship is much deeper than it looks.

Ash Ketchum has had a lot of travel partners for many years in the travel Pokémon, but only a few are memorable as the first: Misty. Although the two did not get the best result, they grew very close after many share the adventure, make fans often pair them romantically. And there is much evidence to see why — especially in the Misty.

In the first episode of Pokémon, Ash stealing a Misty while fleeing from a flock of Spearow angry. He then began to damage his bike, an incident that has never been forgotten by the Misty, decided to follow him until he replaced it. Despite often fighting, they also share sweet moments of friendship. Misty, however, may secretly want a relationship beyond friendship, as expressed by the five moments of this.

Whenever Ash Misinterpreted As A Girlfriend Misty

Throughout his time in the Pokémon series, Misty is mistaken as the girlfriend of Ash so that it often becomes a joke, and the response confused she always seems to expose how he feels. In this incident, Ash and Misty can be called a tsundere classic — meaning they cover their affection with hurling insults rough.

Sister Misty is the first to tease him about Ash being his girlfriend, and Misty is pretty much flipped out. Also, in Pokémon: The Movie 2000, a girl asked if Misty is a sister to Ash, and Misty rush to correct him — even though the girl then commented, “I think You his girlfriend,” answered Misty, “Gross!”

Tracey also observed that Ash and Misty up close and deliberately cover up their feelings for each other. Try trapping two people, Misty said, “They are not yet mature enough to admit it, but they are very fond of each other.”Tracy rightly pointed out: “the Same is the case with you and Ash!”They both exclaimed that he was crazy — but fans know Tracey is right on target.

Emotional Reactions Misty Against The ‘Death’ Ash

In Pokémon Episode 23, “The Tower of Terror,” the spirit of Ash is pulled out of his body by a trio of Pokémon ghosts. When Misty and Brock occur at the lifeless body of Ash, they believe he is dead. Misty looks very desperate at this time, earnestly begging him to wake up. When the spirits of Ash finally returned to his body and he was conscious, Misty smiled blushing and remove tears, clearly relieved.

This is not the only time Misty has a broken heart once believed Ash was dead. At the end of Pokémon: The First Movie, Ash turned to stone, which attracts the hearts of all people, Misty cried, “Please, don’t …”

Some people may argue that the reaction of Misty to the death of Ash does not necessarily indicate that he has romantic feelings for him; he might react like that to the death of any friend. But the flushed face and the panic in tears, really reveal how much he cared for his companions dear.

Misty Talking About Marrying Ash One Day

While some of the characters of Pokémon bury their feelings, Brock is very open with a lot of them. In Episode 41 of “The Heartbreak of Brock,” a girl fell in love with her for once and quickly insisted they should get married. When Ash and Misty watched the two make a plan for the wedding from afar, Ash realized how strange it was to see Brock get married.

Misty then dreamily replies, “You and I will be married someday too.”With a head blank, Ash nodded before its implications happened to her and she flipped a little bit. How to say it sounds like Misty theorized that she and Ash would marry each other, but it can also be considered as they are both going to be married with a spouse who is not specified someday. Although this can be left to interpretation, Misty has Ash in his mind when considering marriage in the future.

Music Album Pokémon Make Misty’s Crush Obviously

While a crush on Misty’s never too explicit in the Pokémon anime, it is expressed outwardly in a few extra tracks that were released in the album Pokémon special. The Pokémon 2.BA Teacher of the album contains “Misty’s Song,” a 2000-an old song in which Misty spills his heart out one night when Ash was sleeping.

Some of the lyrics “Misty’s Song” make gf visible, such as “ I want to tell you what I’m feeling And to say that, I love you. A professional secret love such as this essentially seals the deal on the validity of the ship: the feeling of Misty to Ash, strong and romantic. In addition, in the song of the anime “Under the Mistletoe” — released on CD Pokemon Christmas Bash — Misty opens up about feeling romantic, singing, “ Maybe I’ll meet him/her In where the heart is shining / under the mistletoe. ”

However, the song-this song is only performed by dub English of the Pokémon anime. 4Kids did not collaborate with a team of Pokémon Japan, so, whether the songs are this canon or not, is debatable.

Misty Is Heartbroken When She Must Leave Ash

Misty may initially feel compelled to travel with Ash by demanding she pay him back after damaging his bike, but throughout the series, she remained at his side at every opportunity. When the Gym Leader Rudy fell in love with Misty and asked him to remain at his side, he finally decided to stay with Ash. Even when Officer Jenny fixes his bike, the connection has been growing rapidly so he continued to travel with him.

However, when Misty knowing her sister to leave the Cerulean Gym, she was forced to return in order not closed. So, she made the difficult choice to part ways with Ash and Brock, which is shown in the episode the parting of their emotions. Both Ash and Misty were destroyed on their separation, and in the English dub of the song “Misty Most of All” is played, the lyrics hinted, ” You’re more than my best friend. ”

If the Pokémon does not continue (without time limits), the maker could mean that Ash and Misty become a couple of canons in the end. However, when Ash meets a new person and her journey continues, other girls like Serena also seem to develop romantic feelings toward the protagonist of Pokémon. It makes it more difficult to believe Misty will be of interest to the romantic in the end – especially given how little he appeared lately.

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