Remembering John Wayne, America’s Popular Icon whose Name Lasts

Today, May 26, we commemorate the birthday of one of America’s most popular icons, John Wayne, whose name will always be remembered, especially for his roles in several western films that made his name.

As an actor, John Wayne can represent the image of a cowboy or soldier who is strong and has character, and in many ways personifies the ideals of America at that time.

John Wayne himself was born on May 26, 1907, in Winterset, Iowa. He has the nickname Duke with the birth name Marion Michael Marrison. John Wayne’s childhood was spent with concern because of the poverty his family faced. John Wayne’s father was an American Civil War veteran and his mother, Mary Alberta Brown, was of Irish descent. The family then moved to the area of ​​Glendale, California in 1991.

When he was a teenager, John Wayne had to help the family’s economy. He raised money by doing several jobs, such as working at an ice cream shop housed in a local Hollywood studio. However, teenage John Wayne was also very active in various organizations. One of them is an active member of the DeMolay Order.

Despite being faced with poverty, it did not dampen the spirit of a John Wayne because the man grew up well and became a popular student who was very smart. Proven by himself being one of the American football players at Glendale High. Then, after graduation, he was accepted at the University of Southern California.

John Wayne’s presence in the field of cinema made an impression on the hearts of the audience, especially when he played a cowboy or soldier. His expertise in playing a role touched the hearts of the people. So, do not be surprised if his figure is so loved by movie lovers. John Wayne has also won many achievements which are proof that he is very accomplished and professional in the field of acting.

As we know, John Wayne has acted in many films before his death at the age of 72. It is recorded that there are around 142 films that John Wayne played during his lifetime and almost all the films that were played made an impression on the hearts of the people. His career as an actor was not easy. John Wayne started his career when he was growing up, starting with small films in 1920. He has done 60 small films.

The name John Wayne became known to many people when the man finally managed to star in various major American films, one of which was the film ‘The Big Trail’ directed by Raoul Walsh in 1930. Then, followed by the film ‘Stagecoach’ in 1939. In this film, John Wayne plays the role of Ringo Kid who managed to make him reach the status of a true star. Then, in the film directed by John Ford, ‘The Long Voyage Home’ in 1940, it was this appearance that made John Wayne’s appearance much admired in the early years of his fame at that time.

When talking about John Wayne, of course, it cannot be separated from the role of Director John Ford, who has accompanied his career for decades. There are dozens of films directed by John Ford, starring John Wayne, including ‘Stagecoach’ (1939), ‘She Wore a Yellow Ribbon’ (1949), ‘The Quiet Man’ (1952), ‘The Searchers’ (1956), and ‘The Wings of Eagles (1957).

In addition to being an actor, John Wayne has also directed and produced a film titled ‘The Alamo’ which was released in 1960. In this film that tells about the battle of the Alamo in 1839, John Wayne is also included in the cast, even being the main character. ‘The Alamo’ also won several awards, such as an Academy Award for best sound and a Golden Globe for best original song.

Talking about John Wayne will never end because his figure is so valuable to many people. He has played many roles in various films that have different genres, ranging from romantic comedies, biographies, and even cowboys.

Some of the achievements that have been achieved by John Wayne during his career as an actor, one of which is the Academy Award as best actor for his acting in the film ‘True Grit’ in 1969. Thanks to ‘True Grit’ as well, he won a Golden Globe award for the best actor category. . John Wayne also received the People’s Choice Award for the category of favorite film actor for three years in a row. In addition, he also received the Posthumously Awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

John Wayne is known to have married three Spanish-born women: Josephine Alicia Saenz, Esperanza Baur Diaz, and Pillar Pallete. He has four children from Josephine and three children from Pillar. Her most famous children are Patrick Wayne and Aissa Wayne for writing her memoirs as the daughter of John Wayne.

John Wayne breathed his last in Los Angeles, California, United States on June 11, 1979. The cause of death was lung cancer. John Wayne was diagnosed by doctors with lung cancer in 1964. His funeral took place in the Pacific View Memorial Park Cemetery area in Corona del Mar.

‘The Shootist’ is John Wayne’s last film before he breathed his last. In this 1976 film, he played JB Books, an old gunman dying of cancer. This role was his last appearance on the small screen before his death three years later.

John Wayne is an actor known for his ability to play complex characters. Wayne is considered a film icon and Hollywood star who is greatly admired by many of all time.

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