After its release schedule was postponed many times, finally, The New Mutants is also in theaters. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the film hit theaters right at the end of last year: December 31, 2020.

The last X-Men Universe film made by 20th Century Fox was directed by Josh Boone. Yang also wrote the screenplay with his childhood best friend, Knate Lee. With illustrator Bob McLeod.

As the title suggests, the main focus in the film The New Mutants is five new mutant characters. Which is young. Coming from various countries. Who have different abilities.

Mirage, whose real name is Danielle “Dani” Moonstar, is a mutant of Native American descent. He has the ability to create illusions from fears or desires that arise in the minds of others.

In the film The New Mutants, Mirage is played by Blu Hunt. The young actress became known by name after becoming Inadu, aka The Hollow, in the supernatural drama series The Originals (2013). Which aired on The CW.

After Mirage, the second new mutant is Magik, aka Illyana Rasputin, who comes from Russia. In accordance with his nickname, Magik is the master of magic. Which has a teleportation plate to move places.

In the comic version, Magik is the younger brother of Colossus. The mutant character of a stocky, iron-bodied boy. X-Men members. Which once appeared in the film Deadpool (2016). However, in this version of the film, the sibling relationship between the two mutants is not mentioned.

The role of Magik in the film The New Mutants is Anya Taylor-Joy. The young actress became known after appearing in the film Split (2016). Now, his name is getting more and more famous after successfully starring in the series The Queen’s Gambit (2020). Which tells about the girl who became the world chess champion.

After Mirage and Magik, the third new mutant is Wolfsbane. Her real name is Rahne Sinclair. In accordance with her nickname, the mutant girl from Scotland can turn into a big wolf.

Who got the role as Wolfsbane in the film The New Mutants is Maisie Williams. The young actress skyrocketed to fame after playing the role of Arya Stark. In the super popular series Game of Thrones (2011). The one that aired on HBO.

In addition to the three female mutants, there are also two male mutants in The New Mutants gang. The first is Cannonball, aka Samuel “Sam” Guthrie. Coming from Kentucky, United States. True to his nickname, he is able to soar through the air. Become a kind of cannonball that is impossible to destroy.

Who plays Cannonball in the film The New Mutants is Charlie Heaton. The young actor skyrocketed to fame after playing Jonathan Byers in the series The Stranger Things (2016). That airs on Netflix.

After Cannonball, the second, aka last, male mutant in The New Mutants gang is Sunspot, aka Roberto “Bobby” da Costa. Which has the ability to manipulate solar energy. In the film X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), the mutant from Brazil, in fact, had already appeared and was played by Adan Canto.

In the film The New Mutants, Sunspot is played by Henry Zaga. Previously, the young actor and model was known for playing Josh Diaz in Teen Wolf (2011) and Brad in 13 Reasons Why (2017).

The five new mutants, it is said, are quarantined in a secret facility that is completely closed. Led by a beautiful doctor named Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga). They then tried to escape from the hospital building located in the remote area.

Btw, when interviewed in mid-2017, director Josh Boone explained, in the past, he and Knate Lee, at first, just made illustrations based on the New Mutants panel. They wanted to know what the story would look like if it were adapted into a trilogy. The story they make is very dark, interesting, and different from the typical X-Men story.

Josh Boone then proposed the idea for New Mutants to Simon Kinberg, one of the producers of the X-Men Universe film from 20th Century Fox. And, as it turned out, Kinberg was thrilled with the story. Fox then immediately applied for a contract in May 2015.

The journey of Josh Boone and Knate Lee’s New Mutants, you could say, was very smooth at first. Because, in 2016, this film project immediately started the pre-production process and entered the casting stage. At that time, Boone promised familiar faces as the main characters.

In addition, through his Instagram account, Josh Boone also had time to upload some concept art of the characters who will appear in The New Mutants. Such as Wolfsbane, Magik, Mirage, Cannonball, Sunspot, and Warlock (which, unfortunately, did not appear in this film).

Meanwhile, the studio 20th Century Fox, apparently, did not want to linger in working on The New Mutants. The proof is that the filming process for this new X-Men film was completed on September 15, 2017.

At that time, Josh Boone promised, The New Mutants would be a refresher in the X-Men Universe, made by 20th Century Fox, which had been going on for a dozen years. The director of The Fault in Our Stars (2014) is working on this spin-off film in the style of a young-adult film.

In addition, Josh Boone also stated, The New Mutants will go against the tradition of superhero films. Because, according to the filmmaker who was born on April 5, 1979, this film will be a horror film, but the setting is still in the X-Men Universe.

After completing the production process, The New Mutants immediately launched its first trailer. And, according to the genre, the moment was chosen with a horror nuance. Namely: Friday the 13th. aka Friday, October 13, 2017.

The trailer further confirms that The New Mutants will indeed be a film that is very different from the previous X-Men films. Because the feel of horror in the trailer is more pronounced than the superhero story. The scenes in the trailer go fast. With shades of dark, gloomy, and eerie.

The trailer for the 20th Century Fox release was opened by the voice of Dr. Cecilia Reyes. Who is questioning a subject. About how well he knew mutants. Then the next scene shows Dr. Reyes is chatting with Dani Moonstar.

Dr. Cecilia Reyes likened a mutant to a rattlesnake. “You know, baby rattlesnakes are more dangerous than adult snakes. Because they have not been able to control what they can spend,” said Dr. Reyes.

Besides Dani Moonstar, the trailer also features four young mutants who are all troubled. Namely: Rahne Sinclair, Illyana Rasputin, Sam Guthrie, and Bobby da Costa. “You are all dangerous. Therefore, you are here,” Dr. Cecilia Reyes warned them.

After that, the next scenes shown in the trailer for The New Mutants really look like a horror movie. Not a superhero movie. Starting from hands accompanied by flames in the washing machine, faces that appear on the walls, to mysterious characters with smiley masks and flashes of sharp weapons. “This is not a hospital. It’s a haunted house,” said one of the young mutants.

The release of the trailer for The New Mutants, at that time, was immediately welcomed by X-Men fans. Most gave a positive response. They did not expect that a superhero movie could be presented in such a scary way.

The scenes in the trailer are considered capable of exceeding expectations. In fact, there are those who call The New Mutants a combination of Stranger Things (2016) and It (2017). Which is wrapped in the X-Men Universe setting.

The X-Men fans were impatient waiting for the screening of The New Mutants. Which, originally, was scheduled to be released on (again) Friday the 13th, aka Friday, April 13 2018, by 20th Century Fox. However, as it turned out, the fans were hit by PHP. Many times.

The New Mutants release schedule, it turns out, was delayed by 20th Century Fox. Originally, it was February 22, 2019. So as not to clash with Deadpool 2 (2018). Then it was postponed again to August 2, 2019. So as not to clash with X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019).

However, after that, 20th Century Fox was acquired by Disney. Which then made The New Mutants release schedule postponed again to April 3, 2020. Then, about two weeks before its release, the Covid-19 pandemic spread throughout the world. Which, in the end, delayed The New Mutants’ airing schedule again to August 28, 2020.

The series of delays, of course, made The New Mutants sink. Many X-Men fans have forgotten about this film project. Moreover, when it was released last year, not many theaters in America were open. The film, which cost USD 80 million, also fell at the box office. Until now, only able to reap revenues of USD 47 million from around the world.

In addition, in terms of quality, it turns out, The New Mutants is very far from the fire. It doesn’t live up to expectations. In fact, in the past, this 94-minute film became one of the most eagerly awaited films for its release. Because it is said to be the first Marvel superhero film with horror nuances. However, it turns out, his horror-style approach failed miserably. It’s not as scary as imagined.

It’s a shame that the talents of young stars, such as Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, and Charlie Heaton, are wasted by this The New Mutants film. Like you being wasted by your boyfriend. The cheater. Failed to understand acu. Why did you choose him over me.. #curcol

With the failure of The New Mutants, Josh Boone’s plan to make a trilogy, is certain, will not come to fruition. In fact, he has prepared several new mutant characters, such as Warlock and Karma, to appear in the sequel to this film. As well as the Hellfire Club. Which has not been explored in the previous X-Men Universe films.

Moreover, after this, the mutants will “homecoming” to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The X-Men Series version of 20th Century Studios is also confirmed to have finished here. Which, sadly, was unsatisfactory closed by The New Mutants.

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