RoboCop Get A New Game – 3 Action Hero Is Also Worth To Get It

Game of RoboCop the new is in the execution time action movie star become a hot commodity in the game. However, some of the stars of the action of the city are also worth to get the game.

RoboCop is the star of the latest action is incised his name to the list of game releases that will be coming, with the announcement of RoboCop: Rogue City recently will be coming in the year 2023. Although little is known about the developer Teyon for gamers, the promise to get to play as the peacekeeper favorite Detroit has fans of the series classic action who want to bring punk, dead or alive. This announcement opens up the potential character of the action movie is iconic to join the world of modern gaming.

More and more the character of the classic film from the 70s, 80s, and 90s has entered the world of games, such as Dead by Daylight, Call of Duty: Warzone and Mortal Kombat adds character to the film retro as updates and DLC, and the game such as IllFonic’s Predator: Hunting Grounds put them in the middle of the stage. To the future, Aliens: Fireteam of Elite and Indiana Jones from Bethesda to keep this trend alive with RoboCop: Rogue City. Regardless of the list of names is long, some of the stars of the action of leading are not present.

Judge Dredd

While technically it is based in the world of comic books, Judge Dredd has reached the big screen twice, with Sylvester Stallone wearing a helmet in 1995 and Karl Urban in 2012. Either way, he’s firmly in the category of action stars, and he’s late. for the representation of the video game proper. It has been almost two decades since the law enforcement grimace that was in the hands of the gamers with the Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death in 2005.

Some aspects of the character and knowledge of Judge Dredd can easily be translated into a modern hit. First, Mega-City One offers an open-world unique that has never been experienced players, with motorcycle Dredd easy way to navigate the vast metropolis. In addition, the game Judge Dredd has a lot of potential gameplay, with a gun Lawgiver multifaceted Dredd has become an ideal blueprint to increase branching. Wrinkles are making new experiences in compliance with Dredd against the law, the mechanics are applied in Dredd vs. Death still have a lot of potentials. Will the players are tight enough to hold their shots until Dredd has a legitimate reason to get involved?

Snake Plissken

Although he has been referenced in a few games over the years, Snake Plissken never appeared in the main title, other than a parody of the ‘Snake Broskin’ that appears in the uber-macho side-scroller Broforce. Debut film Plissken comes up with Escape from New York 1981, where he was assigned to rescue the President of the United States from New York that has been converted into a prison in the entire city. Although the sequel Escape from LA fails to meet the original in the eyes of the critics and at the box office, the fact that many fans of the film still has a place in their hearts for Plissken to talk about the attractiveness of the eternal.

Plissken has all the makings to become the protagonist of a video game. With an iconic look — which has long been rumored to have been the inspiration for Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid — and a series of skills that will be the envy of the characters of Call of Duty, Plissken would be a blast to play. Adaptation may be able to take a route similar to the game Mad Max 2015 in terms of story, acting as a sort of reboot gentle character, takes the player on a quest similar to that seen on the screen width, but different enough to make it all remain attractive. . Better in the open world or a trip which is linear like Uncharted, in the hands of the competent developer, escape from the city dystopia other can be a thrilling video game.

Jack Slater

A film by Arnold Schwarzenegger is underestimated, the critics continue to say that the Hero Last Action was ahead of his time in 1993. A comedy action over-the-top satirical of the Hollywood blockbuster starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and his contemporaries had become famous, Last Action Hero’s Jack Slater is the hero of all heroes of the action. He’s cool, calm and he churns out one sentence that is like a sixth sense. Very mocks all of the cliches of the genre, Last Action Hero deserves more recognition and a video game adaptation (or, at least, which is better than the game tie-in bland released on the NES and SNES) could be the catalyst.

Gamers are no stranger to satire and meta-comments in their story, and in which the film is aiming movie popcorn 80s, the game Last Action Hero could do the same thing with the title of the action bombast of the last few generations. Although people like Duke Nukem have been doing the same thing in the past, none of them did it in the same way as a Hero the Last Action. Plus, with his return to the role of the Dutch in Predator: Hunting Grounds, maybe an adaptation could even see Arnie reprising the role of Jack Slater.

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