Sailor Moon Eternal Gave Fans Uranus & Neptune Dose Of Joy Shipping Shipping

Uranus and Neptune Sailor Moon is one of the couples queer the most iconic in the anime. Sailor Moon Eternal finally reveals how in love they are.

Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie is streaming on Netflix, adapting the whole Dream arc Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon the work of Naoko Takeuchi in two feature-length films. A new villain arrives on the scene and the Sailor Guardians return to face them, including the Outer Guardians which was first introduced in the Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3. In addition to preparing for the battle against Queen Nehelenia and the Dead Moon Circus, the film also gives an overview at a glance. like what their lives since the defeat of Master Pharaoh 90 in Season 3.

Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn are the Outer Guard, who protect the solar system from the alien threat. Without any aliens that threaten the Earth in the six months after their first battle, the Guard Outside just continue their lives are ordinary. Uranus (Haruka Tenoh) participate in car races in Africa, Neptune (Michiru Kaioh) held a concert violinist in Vienna and Pluto (Setsuna Meioh) continue to work as a scientific researcher in the field of physics.

On the sidelines of their daily work, the Outers are also committed to raising the youngest of them — baby Saturn (Hotaru Tomoe) — they symbolized by wearing the promise ring. Although the three Guards Out older stands to reason that only this is what happened, for Haruka and Michiru, raising a baby Hotaru is probably not everything. However, they’ve become a couple at the beginning of Crystal Season 3.

Little is known about how Haruka and Michiru meet but since the beginning of knowing that they are a romantic pair that is famous in Japan. Haruka — a non-binary — is often considered as a “girlfriend Michiru” they never argued. Since the beginning in Crystal, they are shown to always go somewhere together, and when alone in their apartment, they proved to be quite familiar with each other. Fast forward to the Eternal, and the couple has been proven to bring their relationship to the next level.

One of the first things observed by the inhabitants of the district of Juban, Tokyo, is that Haruka and Michiru have been wearing a ring that was mismatched for six months. Immediately assumed that they were married at some point, which seems to be confirmed by the display of affection public while they are shopping. In addition, Haruka on the point of communicating with Michiru that the diapers and baby supplies are sold pushes Michiru to remind Haruka that “their little daughter already graduated from it since a long time.”This just shows that they have started to behave more like a couple, which is further supported by their home life.

Haruka and Michiru lived together in a small manor with Setsuna, who care for Hotaru along with them. When Hotaru spoke with the legal guardian of his new, he always referred to them as “Haruka-papa,” “Michiru-mama” and “Setsuna-mama,” which shows the role they take. In practice, Haruka and Michiru indeed take on the role of father and mother which is more traditional, with Haruka serve as “daddy cool” who likes to spend time with Hotaru.

Although they may only acknowledge that promise ring to symbolize their commitment to raising Hotaru, is also quite clear through their actions that the ring symbolizes much more than that. For the three Guards Outside older, the ring symbolizes a commitment to live together as a family. For Haruka and Michiru, it is also a commitment to each other as a romantic partner, which shows how much their relationship has evolved.

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