SHINee and 6 fun things you should know

SHINee is a contemporary boy band that has debuted since 2008 with single Replay . A contemporary band is a band that has become a trendsetter and carries many influences in all aspects of the entertainment scene, such as music color, fashion, ideas, and performance .

As a 2nd generation group that was born before the massive online era like today, SHINee’s popularity is probably not as high as the 3rd and 4th generation groups that were born at any time can go viral and people can easily believe just by reading the title. SHINee itself has reached its golden age in the early to mid last decade. They brought a different musical color from their predecessors, because SM actually made them a pilot project as a young contemporary group. Every comeback , SHINee always brings new music trends and concepts.

For young Kpop fans, the name SHINee may not be too familiar. However, there are some things about them that are interesting enough to know, based on the track record of their career development:

1. SHINee won a Grand Slam Rookie in their debut year

The award is an appreciation for the new group that won the Rookie trophy in 5 Korean music appreciation events. SHINee is the first group to win the Grand Slam trophy . In Kpop history, only five groups have managed to achieve this so far, including iKON and Wanna Be.

2. Have an outstanding live performance

Seohyun SNSD once said in an interview with SHINee, that Girl’s Generation is very jealous of SHINee when they appear. Seohyun said, “As if it was their last performance.” That means, every time SHINee performs, SHINee never does not give all his energy to their performance. All of that can happen because SHINee is never half-hearted in professionalism. Their dedication to music is what results in performances that always amaze people.

3. Each SHINee member has a master’s degree.

As reported by Popbela, all SHINee members have finished their post-graduate education . Key is a graduate of Woosuk University majoring in cultural and educational content development. Meanwhile, Minho majored in film and acting at Konkuk University and was an ambassador for his alma mater.

The leader Onew, also graduated from the University Chungwoon with practical music majors. Reportedly, he took Ph. D for the concentration of music broadcasting. The late Jonghyun himself had a master’s degree in music and film at Myongji University, as did Taemin. Wow, really cool, huh!

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4. Natural Actors

SHINee is a group with various talents that make fans love them even more. In the field of acting, they are all very natural actors. Except for Jonghyun, each member has appeared in various drama series. Minho was recorded as the most active member in acting by starring in the most drama titles. Key is well known for his participation in many musical dramas with various iconic characters, just like Onew, apart from how famous Key is as a fashion icon. SHINee as a group has also been involved in many variety shows . In the past, they have recorded short parodies of several titles for plays, films and classic stories. Plus their concert VCR content is always unique and fresh.

5. Plagiarize each other’s album members

Apart from Minho, each of the members has produced solo albums. Starting from Taemin in 2014 with EP Ace , five months later, Joghyun released Base and Key in November 2018 with Face . Onew followed suit in December 2018 with the mini album Voice . They deliberately named their album like that for reasons of correlation with each other. Even the visual design, cover and caption variations of their album are exactly the same and only differ in color. But it shows their natural cohesiveness among themselves.

6. Amazing resilience after Jonghyun’s departure

December 2017 was the most difficult time for SHINee. Joghyun is the spirit of SHINee, and his death has devastated the remaining SHINee members, as well as the fans. In fact, there were a number of fans who decided to stop listening to SHINee’s works because the sadness was too deep.

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