Song Joong Ki was the most popular Korean actor in May, beating other drama stars

Song Joong Ki’s name soared after starring in the Korean drama aka Drakor Vincenzo. Song Joong Ki became the most popular Korean drama actor in May 2021.

Launching Soompi, the list of the most popular Korean drama actors was released by The Korean Business Research Institute by analyzing several factors, from media coverage to community indexes.

The Korean Business Research Institute analyzed 50 actors who starred in Korean dramas from April 5 to May 5, 2021. As a result, Song Joong Ki was ranked first with a brand reputation index of 8,830,758.

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The second place is filled by Lee Je Hoon who is the main actor in the latest Korean drama Taxi Driver. Then followed by Jang Nara from the latest Korean drama Sell ​​Your Haunted House.

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Most popular Korean drama actor
Well, here are the 10 most popular Korean drama actors in May 2021:

1.Song Joong Ki
2.Lee Je Hoon
3.Jang Nara
4.Song Kang
5.2 PM’s Taecyeon
6.Lee Seung Gi
7.Pyo Ye Jin
8.Jung Yong Hwa CN BLUE
9.Park In Hwan

According to The Korean Business Research Institute, the highest results of keyword analysis about Song Joong Ki were Vincenzo, villain, and Jeon Yeo Bin. Jeon Yeo Bin is Song Joong Ki di Vincenzo’s partner .

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Another Vincenzo actor who made the most popular list in May is 2 PM Taecyeon. Taecyeon received a lot of praise for his acting as a villain who fought against Song Joong Ki.

While the latest Korean drama Taxi Driver is not only increasingly popularizing Lee Je Hoon. Epsom and Pyo Ye Jin who competed with him also entered the top 10 most popular Korean drama actors.

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The actor who was paired with Jang Nara in the latest Korean drama Sell ​​Your Haunted House also entered the row. Jung Yong Hwa CN BLUE is seen in eighth place.

While this May is ready to be enlivened with a series of the latest Korean dramas. There are many exciting stories from romantic to fantasy stories that are ready to entertain the audience.

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