Star-Lord Reveals Son’s Ridiculous Name in Guardians of the Galaxy

Peter Quill reveals his son’s name from another life, and he takes some serious inspiration from his unlikely Guardians of the Galaxy teammate.

The Marvel Universe is a very busy place right now, and thanks to their massive recent expansion, Guardians of the Galaxy is everywhere where the action is. While the rest of his teammates face a more pressing threat, Nova Peter Quill and Richard Rider travel across the stars to meet the mutant SWORD about the mutant’s recent cosmic ambitions.

During the ride in Guardians of the Galaxy #15, Star-Lord even told him that his son was named Rocket, and Nova wasn’t too happy about that.

As the two cosmic heroes journey towards their destination, their conversation is strained on the topic of Doctor Doom’s final place on the Guardians roster. Nova had grown tired of shaking hands with tyrants during her career as a supposed hero and having someone like Doom fighting beside her felt like a slap in the face. As far as Nova was concerned, this was other information that Star-Lord seemed to be hiding from him until afterward, such as the name of his son from another life.

After the Guardians destroy New Olympus, Quill is transported to another world where he meets and falls in love with two aliens who guide him through this alien land. After absorbing the energy of the Olympian gods, Star-Lord lived for more than two centuries in this world, adventuring and fathering a child. Finally, Quill returns to the Marvel Universe, with his new powers cemented by the Master of the Sun.

While Star-Lord naming his son Rocket is certainly not the end of the world, it’s at least a mild disappointment for Nova considering how long the two have been close friends. These heroes have fought some of the most important battles in Marvel Universe history together, including holding the front line against Annihilus’ invading forces as seen in 2006’s Annihilation #1 by Keith Giffen and Andrea Di Vito. While the course of the war forged a lifelong bond between them, it gave the pair far fewer opportunities for hilarious banter than they had known in recent years.

The back and forth between them is perhaps even most perfectly exemplified in 2010’s Thanos Imperative #6 by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Miguel Sepulveda during the duo’s final confrontation with Thanos. To stop him from leading a genocidal campaign across reality, Nova and Star-Lord choose to make the final sacrifice together, keeping Thanos from abandoning reality until it can collapse on its own.

Given how deep their friendship goes and Star-Lord’s penchant for joking, it’s possible he was just having fun at Nova’s expense. However, the seriousness of the rest of their conversation made it seem nothing like that. Despite the time difference between the Marvel Universe and Peter’s former home in Morinus, Star-Lord’s son might not even remember him in the first place, even if he did mention his name.

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