Star Wars: the Bad Batch Hunter and Omega Relationship Exploration

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has revealed that four members of Clone Force 99, namely Hunter, Wrecker, Tech and Echo, have been wanted by the Empire. With them, comes a little girl named Omega. He is also a Clone. However, the members of The Bad Batch don’t know what their mission is yet.

Running away from the Stromtrooper troop with Omega is not an easy matter for The Bad Batch. Hunter saw Omega’s safety could not be guaranteed as long as he was with them. Hunter wanted Omega to be among people who could take good care of him. On the other hand, Omega had vowed to stay with Hunter and his friends no matter what. Omega felt, the four men were able to protect him. Moreover, he harbored a desire to be a part of them. An idea that Hunter was against, of course.

After escaping from the Empire’s captivity, the group fled to a planet. They meet a renegade couple named Cut and Suu who live with their two children. There, Omega discovers the world of children while playing with Cut’s two children.

On the other hand, Cut and Suu are trying to escape from the planet. However, it is not an easy matter. The Empire imposed a new policy. Those who want to go to other planets must have a chain code. This is certainly difficult for dissidents like Cut and Suu. However, Hunter and company had an idea to help them. Not only for the Cut family, Hunter also intends to entrust Omega to them. Hunter looked on, Omega needed a real family, not them.

Episode 2 will explore how Hunter’s attitude towards Omega is. For Hunter, Omega can be a hindrance to their steps. On the other hand, Omega seems to see him as a father figure. Omega doesn’t know his parents. He is a clone created by Kaminoan scientists. However, like Clone Force 99, he is also flawed.

In this episode, Hunter finally finds out about the inhibitor chip installed in Crosshairs’ body. The chip that the Empire installed to control the clone’s behavior had influenced the attitude of the Crosshairs who later betrayed them. This chip is also installed in the body of Captain Rex.

Lots of emotional moments in this episode. Especially, when Omega was forced to fulfill Hunter’s orders to go with Cut and Suu. On the other hand, Hunter has also realized the presence of Omega in his life. In addition, a fierce battle also broke out here between Clone Force 99 and the Empire troops. Episode 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch will air today, Friday (7/5), starting at 15.00 WIB on Disney+ Hotstar.



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