Suddenly, Kim Sung Cheol Brings Personal Prison Clothes For The Last Episode Of ‘Vincenzo’

Called By Song Joong Ki To Make A Cameo Back Suddenly, Kim Sung Cheol Even Brought A Personal Prison Suit For His Special Appearance In The Last Episode Of ‘Vincenzo’.

The special appearance of Kim Sung Cheol in the drama ” Vincenzo ” is indeed very memorable for the audience and even the cast. Song Joong Ki even admitted to being jealous of Kim Sung Cheol’s acting skills even though he was younger and junior.

Kim Sung Cheol is known to play Hwang Min Sung in the drama. Hwang Min Sung is said to be a same-sex enthusiast, so Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) pretends to approach him under the name Tae Ho. Hwang Min Sung was then thrown in prison because Vincenzo’s team failed to cancel the agreement with the Babylon Group which is owned by Jang Han Seok ( 2 PM’s Taecyeon ).

What was completely unexpected, Kim Sung Cheol again showed a special appearance in the last episode. Song Joong Ki in a recent interview revealed that he called Kim Sung Cheol out of the blue because he wanted to see him acting again.

“In the last episode Kim Sung Cheol appeared again, right? Because I wanted to see him again, I called him to ask him to shoot 3-4 cuts again,” said Song Joong Ki.

At the end of the episode “Vincenzo”, is seen showing the scene of Hwang Min Sung in prison. Hwang Min Sung seems to see a series of portraits of Vincenzo in the scene.

Interestingly, Kim Sung Cheol was willing to bring his own prison clothes for his special appearance. The reason is, the “Vincenzo” team has not prepared the property because it was very sudden. However, Kim Sung Cheol showed off the prison clothes he had for his role in the drama ” Prison Playbook ” in 2017.

“Because suddenly, the property team did not have time to prepare a prison uniform. He (Kim Sung Cheol) then sent a selfie photo of himself wearing a prison uniform from the ‘Prison Playbook’ that was kept at his house. He asked if it was okay,” said Song Joong Ki.

Song Joong Ki confessed that he had to pay for Kim Sung Cheol’s help in the future. “I have to pay for it sometime,” said Song Joong Ki.

Song Joong Ki and Kim Sung Cheol themselves became close because they had competed acting in the drama ” Arthdal ​​Chronicles ” in 2019. Song Joong Ki also sent a food truck to support Kim Sung Cheol.

Becoming A Cameo In ‘Vincenzo’, Song Joong Ki Admits That He Is Jealous Of Kim Sung Cheol’s Acting Ability

Song Joong Ki Praised Kim Sung Cheol’s Special Appearance As Hwang Min Sung Who Really Stole The Show In ‘Vincenzo’ And Admitted To Being Jealous Of His Acting Skills.

” Vincenzo ” is known to have many scenes that are very difficult for loyal viewers to forget. One of the most memorable and successful at making viewers laugh was the scene of Song Joong Ki and Kim Sung Cheol .

Kim Sung Cheol gave a special appearance and played a character named Hwang Min Sung. Song Joong Ki as Vincenzo Cassano is asked to pretend to be a same-sex enthusiast to attract the attention of Hwang Min Sung, who is the son of the bank owner.

Hwang Min Sung was finally thrown into prison by Vincenzo’s team because the attempt to cancel cooperation with the Babel Group failed. Hwang Min Sung himself was told to have fallen in love with Vincenzo who pretended to be Tae Ho.

Song Joong Ki also praised Kim Sung Cheol’s amazing acting. He even applauded while standing up after episode 8 which featured the scene of Kim Sung Cheol being aired.

“I asked Kim Sung Cheol to make a cameo and he immediately agreed,” said Song Joong Ki. Both of them are known to have been involved in the drama ” Arthdal ​​Chronicles ” and finally got along.

“On the set I and all the staff there applauded his appearance as Min Sung. After watching episode 8 I applauded by standing up for him,” admitted Song Joong Ki.

The handsome actor admitted that he was jealous of Kim Sung Cheol’s acting skills even though he was younger and junior than him. Song Joong Ki also mentioned suddenly returning to ask for help from Kim Sung Cheol to show a special appearance for the last episode.

“Even though he is younger and more junior than me, I envy his acting skills,” admitted Song Joong Ki. “In the last episode Kim Sung Cheol appeared again, right? Because I wanted to see him again, I called him to ask him to shoot 3-4 cuts again,” he explained.

Kim Sung Cheol showed his appearance as Hwang Min Sung while in prison. Hwang Min Sung is seen staring at a series of photos of Vincenzo in this scene.

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