Suicide Squad Gives DCEU Stars New Comic Costumes LETHAL

Robert DuBois’s debut to the DCEU hasn’t happened yet, but his new look at Infinite Frontier brings his comic Bloodsport costume closer to how it looks on the big screen. Now working for Amanda Waller as a sort of scout for Suicide Squad, Bloodsport is armed with a much more apt suit for the fight he chooses.

In addition to giving him a welcome upgrade from his usual bandana and tank top, Bloodsport’s new suit makes him even more powerful than ever. And this time, he has the full support of the United States government and TASk Force X to fund his weaponry.

Bloodsport’s new look is very similar to the one he had in the upcoming DCEU film, The Suicide Squad. He wears tactical armor complete with a reflective black helmet that includes a grimace-looking mouth guard. It was a threatening look that lived up to his name and implied that starting a fight with him wasn’t a good idea. But fear tactics aside, the suit is armed with more than just psychological warfare.

It was given to him by Amanda Waller in preparation for his new assignment, where he essentially became his talent scout. Now, he travels to different Earths across the multiverse to examine the heroes and villains who inhabit them, gauging whether any of them are a match for the Suicide Squad.

And that’s where the new suit comes in. Traveling through the multiverse is still risky, even more so for the likes of Waller and Bloodsport, who haven’t tried it before. With that in mind, he had equipped Bloodsport with a suit that could protect him from the vibrational changes that came with jumping from universe to universe. Bloodsport claims that this is critical to protecting his brain, implying that jumping across a dimensional barrier could damage his brain or possibly even trigger a bomb in his head by accident.

Naturally, traveling to a different Earth to spy on its inhabitants was dangerous for Bloodsport, given the various situations he could find himself in. No one knows who can befriend or foe. To that end, the Bloodsport suit has an improvement over the previous one. With his power, he could transfer advanced weaponry onto himself in an instant. Now, he can summon weapons that are tailor-made for specific targets in the multiverse. It made him, in his own words, the “One man Suicide Squad,” which allowed him to fight against powerhouses like Ultraman.

It is also a significant improvement over the original suit design. When Robert DuBois debuted in 1986’s Superman #4 by John Byrne and Karl Kesel, he only wore a piece of red cloth to obscure his identity. At the time, his benefactor was Lex Luthor, who gave him the weaponry he needed to kill Superman. But the weapon was specifically designed to kill the Man of Steel. They progress on and off but are ultimately suited to completing one particular task.

With his new suit, Bloodsport lets go of his past as he may become one of the deadliest humans in the multiverse. He now had an unlimited arsenal for whatever situation he was in. With full funding and support from Amanda Waller, her new costume is the least accessible to Bloodsport in its multiversal Suicide Squad mission.

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